Suhana Khan breaks silence on receiving online trolls

Suhana Khan breaks silence on receiving online trolls

Much-adored star kid Suhana Khan, daughter of Shah Rukh Khan and Gauri Khan, is poised to make her Bollywood debut in the highly anticipated film, “The Archies.” Despite not having debuted yet, Suhana has already captured the hearts of her fans. With her charming smile, ethereal beauty, good manners and more. Elevating her professional journey she has become the face of beauty brands Tira and Maybelline. As a social butterfly, Suhana consistently shares glimpses of her life with her fans. While social media facilitates star-fan connections. It also exposes celebrities to the downside of trolling. Recently, Suhana addressed this issue.

Suhana Khan breaks silence on receiving online trolls

How she is deals with social media scrutiny

During a recent NDTV interview, Suhana Khan discussed her debut role as ‘Veronica’ in The Archies. When asked about her desire to bring change to the world. She expressed a wish to in-still confidence in young girls. In a world marked by social media scrutiny, the actress emphasised her goal. To make them feel loved within themselves, stating:

“I truly envied her self-confidence and the way she loved herself. There have been times where I felt down in my confidence. And I just want to make young girls feel confident. I hope that I can do that one day and make them feel more in love with themselves in a world of social media. Where there’s so much scrutiny and you feel so low about your looks and whatever it may be. So, that’s something that I really feel passionately about and hopefully I can do that.”

Continuing the interview, Suhana Khan addressed the question of how she copes with social media scrutiny. She admitted not handling it well but emphasised her ongoing efforts to improve. Reflecting on the impact of mean comments, she highlighted that they taught her the importance of kindness. Suhana shared that encountering kind individuals has positively influenced her, expressing:

“To be honest, I don’t handle it very well, but I’m trying. Ironically, facing mean comments has made me appreciate kindness even more. Meeting real people, especially girls, is heartwarming, seeing their warmth towards you. So that helps me a lot to separate the two, as one is reality and the other is not.”

Suhana Khan on her role in ‘Archies’

In the interview, Suhana Khan revealed that she had never read The Archies comic. Then she received the movie role. She noted that her mom, Gauri Khan, had been a fan of the comic. But the only information she had was that it involved a love triangle. The actress explained her good fortune in securing a role in Zoya Akhtar’s film.

In addition to her acting debut, Suhana is venturing into singing in the movie. She disclosed her contribution to the newly released song ‘Jab Tum Na Theen’ in ‘The Archies.’ Which also involves collaborations with other artists such as Dot, Javed Akhtar, Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy and Tejas.

Being an Anxious person

In a prior interview with the same portal, Suhana Khan disclosed her enthusiasm for the gym, emphasising that it serves as a boon for her mental well-being rather than just physical fitness. Expanding on this, she expressed that, being an inherently anxious person, she tends to worry about even the smallest things.


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Suhana Khan ’s upcoming project

For those unaware, numerous rumours circulate about Shah Rukh Khan’s potential appearance in The Archies, speculating either a cameo role or a narrator position. Additionally, reports suggest that Suhana Khan is poised to co-star with her father in Sujoy Ghosh’s action thriller, “King,” portraying a spy while her father assumes the role of her handler.


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Fans love for Suhana Khan

Upon the internet sharing the clip, fans swiftly responded, with one praising, “This girl showcases intelligence, unlike some in Bollywood.” Another user remarked, “She is as wise as her father (sic).” A different individual commented, “Suhana, your words are well said.”

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