Top 9 Worst Couples in FRIENDS- Ranked!

when ross saw rachel and joey kiss at their house
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Over the course of 10 years, FRIENDS has given us dreamy relationships to look forward to. It has totally hyped our idea of being in love and gave us impossible relationship expectations like Mondler and Phike.

However, the show has also given us relationships that we absolutely loathe to the core. And today we are counting down the top 9 worst relationships in the show.


ross and emily at their wedding
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Emily was one of the most hated characters of the show, cause of all the trouble she gave to Ross post-marriage (if it was a marriage in the first place). But we have to accept the fact that this relationship worsened only after Ross said the wrong name at the altar. Before that, this relationship was quite admirable. It happened way too fast but it was okay-ish to see.


janice with chandler
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No matter how fun it was to see Janice on the screen, one must have to admit that her relationship with Chandler was intolerable. The couple never seemed to click, never seemed to enjoy their casual flings, and never even enjoyed talking to each other. What was the whole point of such a relationship anyway?


richard monica
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No matter how charming Tom Selleck was, the entire plotline of Monica dating Richard was, to put it into simple words, Ewww! Right from the start, it was evident that both of them are just carrying their relationship hoping for a miracle to happen at the end. The worst part about their relationship was that it dragged on for more than half a season, took a majority of the screen time, and made the entire show lose its essence for a while.


monica and timothy, richard's son
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From dating the father to dating the son, how could this be any better? Imagine being in a relationship where you can actually use the word “That’s not how your dad used to do it.” The entire concept creeped the hell out of the audience. Even though the show gave us the entire Monica roasting all the 5 FRIENDS, and Chandler in a ‘box’ scene, that little date part ruined the entire episode.


joey and rachel dating
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Joey was the biggest teddy bear on the planet and he loved Rachel a lot. Rachel too was so adorably attractive when she dated Joey. But still, the two of them didn’t go together. Remember how wrong it felt when both of them tried to make out on the couch, well trust us, it was the same for the audience. The writers tried to create the chemistry between the two for 20 long episodes with on and off in between but even they couldn’t pull it off.


joey with kathy and chandler in a date
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Even though Kathy was so lovable, she never fit in with Joey. Also, seeing our beloved Chandler giving up on his love for his friend was so heartbreaking. Joey wasn’t able to give Kathy what she wanted and Kathy was never happy with him. That relationship was a burden not just for both of them but also for the audience.


Paolo and Rachel
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Just like Paolo’s words, we couldn’t figure out why did the writers include this storyline. Rachel and Paolo were actually the first relationships of the show, which we witnessed building up from the start. And seeing the leading actress with a guy solely for “animal sex” at the start of the show didn’t leave a good lasting impression on the audience. Unlike every other girlfriend/boyfriend, Paolo never even connected with other friends of the group, making this relationship highly unlikeable.


ross geller dating his student elizabeth stevens
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Okay, first of all, thank you Bruce Willis for saving this plotline. Ross dating Elizabeth aka Lizzy had a similar vibe as Monica dating Richard. The entire relationship was about Ross being super desperate and super obsessed while Lizzy taking the whole “dating a 30-year-old” professor thing as just another high school fling. This story brought out the worst of Ross Geller and had moments that you have to skip past before it was way too cringy for your favorite show.


ross and rachel
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Okay, before you say anything, this is a couple that might make it to being both, the best and the worst couple show. You know why? Because they dragged on for 10 years. This on and off relationship was never pleasing to the eyes. Rachel falling in love with Ross suddenly after seeing him getting off the plane with Julie? Then Ross, getting super insecure with Mark? And also, Rachel suddenly falling back in love with Ross when he decided to get married to Emily? And yes, Joey and Rachel felt uncomfortable together because they thought they would make Ross feel awkward? What kind of couple were Ross and Rachel actually?