Unseen & Weird Backstage Photos From FRIENDS For True Fans [20 Pictures Inside]

unseen and rare pics from friends

Watched FRIENDS numerous times already? No doubt you must be thinking you have seen it all and know everything about FRIENDS. But there are a lot many things about the show that might be new even to the best of fans. Today we have gathered a collection of pictures concerning the FRIENDS Series that you might not have seen till now.

So let’s begin exploring some unseen pictures from FRIENDS. Some of them are captured moments from behind the scenes or some activities apart from the sets they did. We have always seen them as their characters but surely they are more than that. In real life too they enjoy a lot and are as friendly as in the show.

Get set to enjoy some really precious moments that you can’t see in the show. But here we have gathered them all. Let’s begin!

friends cast doing pottery
Photo Credit: googleusercontent
joey and rachel enjoying in the sets of friends
Photo Credit: pinimg
friends cast celebrating anniversary
Photo Credit: pinimg
Photo Credit: mirror
three girls from friends enjoying in a room while reading script
Photo Credit: static2
friends set as visible to the live audience
Photo Credit: imgur
friends set where we can see the outside of the central perk
Photo Credit: mediavillage
friends shooting outside while they were playing football
Photo Credit: insider
girls from friends playing with emma
Photo Credit: wazimo
friends cast like monica and barry laughing while just before shoot begin
Photo Credit: pinimg
Friends shooting at the London Trinity Place, Tower of London. Here Richard Branson sells Joey the hat
Photo Credit: Grant Falvey/London News Pictures
chandler in outdoor filming shoot for friends
Photo Credit: hearstapps
set of friends where we can see the cameras
Photo Credit: pinimg
monica's mom while she was shooting the scene in a set
Photo Credit: hearstapps
walls from friends set visible to viewers
Photo Credit: pinimg
joey in the set of friends while shooting a scene
Photo Credit: hswstatic