Viral Memes of the Internet catches Diwali vibes and results are Hilarious

Viral Memes of the Internet catches Diwali vibes and results are Hilarious

Step into the digital realm of humor and wit as the internet’s viral memes embrace the festive spirit of Diwali. In a symphony of creativity and hilarity, netizens across the virtual landscape channel their festive energy into crafting memes that capture the essence of the festival of lights. From relatable anecdotes to clever wordplay, these Diwali-inspired memes promise a laughter-filled journey through the lens of online humor. Join us as we delve into the riot of festive memes circulating the internet, bringing joy, laughter, and a unique blend of online celebration to the Diwali vibes.


As Diwali approaches, the buzz of preparations fills the air, and amidst the festivities, one eagerly anticipated aspect takes center stage – the Diwali bonus for Indian employees. It’s a moment of suspense, ranging from delightful surprises like a generous boss gifting Royal Enfield bikes to less thrilling scenarios involving the classic yet somewhat thoughtless gift of soan papdi.

Adding a humorous twist to the situation, a playful tradition has emerged in workplaces across the country. Employees, in good spirits, poke fun at their Human Resources (HR) departments through a series of Diwali rangoli memes. These memes humorously highlight the irony of beautifully crafted rangolis by HR without the accompanying bonus. This trending wave of memes captures the lighthearted essence of the season, leaving social media users in fits of laughter.

Undoubtedly, the HR-created rangoli designs are noteworthy, highlighting the artistic flair residing within the department. However, these artistic endeavors become the subject of some of the quirkiest desi memes and jokes in the corporate realm. Employees playfully jest about their preference for a bonus over an aesthetically pleasing rangoli. Some memes even portray employees engaging in animated discussions about their expectations for the much-anticipated bonus.

Diwali rangoli memes not only embrace the festive spirit but also add a touch of humor to the workplace, capturing the excitement and joy associated with Diwali. Let’s explore these amusing rangoli memes that are sure to evoke hearty laughter.


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The rangoli features the inscription, “So, to see this, you had to come to our door.” A festive twist is given to the famous dialogue of Pankaj Tripathi from ‘Mirzapur,’ presented through an animated rangoli portraying Pankaj Tripathi’s face.

Speaking of memes, the rangoli inspired by the ‘Phir Hera Pheri’ meme captures the iconic pose of Akshay Kumar in a polka dot shirt.

Another rangoli meme revolves around a scene from the series ‘Panchayat,’ with the caption on the rangoli stating, “It’s an amazing rangoli, my friend.”


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This rangoli is inspired by a viral meme derived from a scene in ‘3 Idiots,’ where Parikshit Sahni’s character urges Aamir Khan’s character to keep away from his son. However, the caption in this rangoli humorously advises people to steer clear of the rangoli.

Not acknowledging Majnu Bhai from ‘Welcome’ would be a crime. The caption on the rangoli humorously reads, “Utha le re baba uthale, Rangoli se pair uthale.”


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A reference to a dialogue between Ranbir Kapoor and Deepika Padukone in ‘Yeh Jawani Hai Deewani’ is also featured.

In the vibrant realm of Diwali, digital laughter resonates through a cascade of festive memes, weaving humor into the fabric of the virtual celebration. From workplace banter about HR rangolis to Bollywood-inspired designs, these witty creations illuminate the digital landscape with joyous banter.

As the festival of lights unfolds, these memes not only tickle funny bones but also mirror the camaraderie that transcends screens. Let’s cherish this laughter-laden Diwali journey, where tradition meets creativity, making the festival not just about illumination but a delightful celebration of shared mirth. Wishing you a Happy Diwali, adorned with the glow of laughter and online festivity!

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