Wife’s Hilarious Rant About Her Husband During Paragliding Goes Viral


Individuals are at all times on the lookout for enjoyable journeys. The will to do one thing that is out of the box results in cherished recollections. However, it has developed into a nightmare for this girl. Do you remember the guy Vipin Sahu who had gone viral on the web for his hilarious rant while doing paragliding? Well, the internet has now found the female version of him. During the paragliding, the lady was seen ranting and raving about her husband who pushed her to strive. Undoubtedly, the video is making loads of noise on social media, and netizens are loving it.

The humorous video begins with the lady shouting that she does not want to do paragliding. However, she goes on and on about how she hates her husband and desires to kill him as she flies excessively within the sky. She can be heard saying, “I’ll kill you Brijesh” and “Meri shaadi kyu kari bhagwaan.” The lady’s rant is hilarious and netizens can’t keep calm. Check out the video below:

While paragliding, she continuously tells the trainer that she is very scared, she can’t see down, and don’t let her see down. She is also heard saying, “My husband is terrible. He’s so terrible. He pushes me even on the zipline. Why did I ever get married?!” At the same time, the trainer repeatedly asks her to chill out and explains to her that she does not must look down. He also warns her that the video is being recorded and it will get viral just like the video of “Land Kara De” man.

The Reaction of Twitteratis On The Hilarious Video:

While reacting to the video during which she is thrashing her husband for this “torture,” a Twitter user requested her for the entire video. However, one other user tweeted, “Bhagwan meri shadi kyon karayi, subsequent line mera pati theek hai na, this summarized married girls and their thought course of.” Let’s check out some of the hilarious reactions of netizens.

Past Memorable Videos Of Paragliding:

A video went viral last year in April showing a man singing A. R. Rahman’s hugely popular song “Maa Tujhe Salaam.” Also, he was playing the ukulele while paragliding. While playing the musical instrument at 8,000 feet in the air, a man named Rupesh Maity pulled off an impressive rendition of the song. Interestingly, the clip was also shared by none other than A. R. Rahman. While many were stunned at the calmness with which he was singing at that height, others were in awe of Rupesh’s performance. Check out the amazing post below:


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You must remember the famous “Paragliding Man” Vipin Sahu. He gained popularity and became a viral sensation with more than 130,000 subscribers on YouTube. He is the paragliding man who got viral for his video “Bhai land kara de, 100-200 extra lele par land kara de”. After getting viral, he became one of the most famous meme faces. Check out the video below:


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