Woman slams her bf with breakup after knowing he doesn’t use Toilet paper

Woman slams her bf with breakup after knowing he doesn't use Toilet paper

In a quirky twist of relationship drama, a woman recently called it quits with her boyfriend, discovering an unusual deal-breaker – his aversion to using toilet paper. This seemingly mundane household choice became the unexpected catalyst for the breakup, raising eyebrows and generating humorous discussions online. As couples navigate the complexities of cohabitation, this peculiar breakup sheds light on the diverse dynamics that can lead to unexpected turns in romantic relationships. Dive into the amusing details of this breakup tale and the peculiar reasons that can influence matters of the heart.

Toilet paper

The Bizarre Break up

The couple parted ways when the woman discovered that her boyfriend refrained from using toilet paper after defecation. The revelation unfolded through a TikTok video, where the woman recounted the incident, revealing her surprise upon finding no toilet paper in her partner’s residence during a restroom visit.

Yet, she initially dismissed the issue, casually informing him about the toilet paper shortage. However, suspicions arose when, upon revisiting him days later, she discovered the persistent absence of toilet paper. His explanation, claiming forgetfulness in restocking, left her uneasy. The truth surfaced during a joint grocery shopping trip, where she encouraged him to purchase toilet paper. Defiant, he declined, confessing to not using toilet paper and opting for wet wipes instead when questioned.

Toilet paper

He had Baby wipes

TikTok user Alexandra Maria Clara, known as @withlovefromalex, shared a collaborative video with Jess Jacobsen to recount a nightmarish dating encounter that prompted her to end the relationship. Describing the experience, she disclosed, “I went to his house and I had to use his restroom and he had no toilet paper in the bathroom.” Assuming he had run out, she informed her date, who thanked her and acknowledged the need to buy some from the supermarket.


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Fortunately, Alex had baby wipes and tissues on hand, allowing her to address the issue. However, a week later, she encountered the same problem once more.

On her second visit, Alex encountered a surprising bathroom situation—no toilet paper. The date apologized, citing forgetfulness. Later at Target, when she suggested buying some, he boldly declared he didn’t use toilet paper but opted for wet wipes. Despite Alex’s offer to purchase, he staunchly refused. Eventually, Alex took matters into her own hands, buying and stashing toilet paper in her car, resorting to fetching a roll when needed. The situation escalated to this quirky solution, revealing an unexpected twist in their budding relationship.

Social media outburst on Toilet paper scam

The viral post prompted an influx of comments as people shared their opinions on Alex’s toilet paper saga. One TikTok user speculated, “Is it just me or does anyone feel like he just simply doesn’t use anything at all.” Another commenter expressed, “The way I just would’ve bought the TP and went straight home,” A third questioned, “Why wouldn’t you dump him immediately?” A fourth emphasized, “It’s not just toilet paper people, it’s about hospitality and caring for others and making sure you prioritize them and make them comfortable.” Lastly, a commentator concluded, “This is THE best example of ‘do it for the plot’.”

As the tale unfolded on TikTok, social media users couldn’t help but weigh in on the unusual breakup saga. Some questioned the hygiene practices, while others found humor in the absurdity of the situation. The comments section turned into a lively debate on relationship deal-breakers, showcasing the diversity of perspectives on what makes or breaks a romance. Amidst the laughter, the story serves as a reminder that the quirkiest aspects of cohabitation can sometimes become unexpected hurdles in love. With every comment, the digital audience echoed the sentiment that, indeed, in matters of the heart, even the most trivial choices can steer a relationship toward uncharted territories.

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