30 Curated Mehndi Designs For Groom & Boys Going For Weddings

Photo Credit: weddingwire

Wedding season! It is an age-old tradition in India to apply mehndi on the hands and feet of brides and grooms before their wedding as it is marked as a good omen. Mehndi is also supposed to have a cooling effect and acts as a stress buster for the brides and grooms. Mehndi designs for girls are quite popular and easily accessible but mehndi designs for boys are hard to find. All the attention is showered on the mehndi designs of the brides but in the new age, the unique mehndi designs for grooms are stealing the limelight.

Check out these trending and unique groom mehndi designs that we are in love with:

1. Simple Design

Simple and clean mehndi design for groom

Photo Credit: monankit

If you like simple and neat mehndi designs you should go for this one. The design covers a finger and just a part of your palm.

2. Intricate and Detailed Mehndi Design

Instricate and detailed groom mehndi

Photo Credit: beauty_blush_janna

This mehndi design is quite detailed and intricate, it covers the whole palm without leaving much space. The design comprises dots and line motifs.

3. Unique Rajasthani Design

Rajasthani groom henna design on hand

Photo Credit: ol.about.beauty

This is a Rajasthani mehndi design, it is quite artistic as you can see the drawing of the bride and groom made on the hand. It is a full hand design so if you are confident enough to carry it, you should definitely try this design.

4. Satvik Mehndi Design

Satvik mehndi design on hand for boys

Photo Credit: just_mehndi_corner

Satvik mehndi designs are quite popular among grooms. Satvik means virtuous and this symbol holds a great value in Hindu tradition.

5. Marwadi Mehndi Design

Marwadi groom mehndi

Photo Credit: mehndicultrofficial

This is a full hand mehndi design for grooms. The design consists of the drawing of bride and groom, jaal, satvik, and mandala art. If you are looking for a detailed yet neat design this is one of the best mehndi designs a man can try.

6. Royal Groom Mehndi Design

full hand bridal groom mehndi design

Photo Credit: nancy_mehndi_art

The Royal Mehndi design is where the images of the bride and groom are imprinted on the hands. You can make the design personal by adding a custom touch, you can spot the cute panda.

7. New Age Groom Design

new age groom mehndi design

Photo Credit: the.bride.magazine

We are in love with this one, this design is innovative and breaks the stereotypes.
On one hand, the design of bride and groom is wearing the Hindu traditional attire is made and on the other hand, the bridal couple is wearing Christian wedding attire.

8. Names on Hand Design

Full hand mehndi design for boys with the name of the bride and groom written with henna

Photo Credit: rashi_makeover_and_academy

This design is focused on the names of the bride and groom, floral designs, and line swirls.

9. Lotus Design

traditional full hand mehndi designs for grooms

Photo Credit: welcome_to_mehndi_hou

This bridal groom mehndi design is intricate and consists of lotus and floral motifs. If you like simple lines and floral designs you can go for this one. Also, don’t forget to include the wedding date in your design as shown in the picture.Weddin

10. Ganesh Design

Ganesh design by henna on hands

Photo Credit: the_classic_artsoul

The Ganpati or Ganesh design is a very popular design, most of you must be familiar with it. It is a full hand design with jaal and floral detailing. This beautiful design on a groom’s hand is going to stand out.

11. Full Hand Detailed Mehndi Design

Detailed and full front hand bridal mehndi design

Photo Credit: shivangi.singhsuryavansh

The name of the bride in a heart-shaped design on one hand and the design of the musical instruments on the other make it unique.

12. Avengers Mehndi Design

Avengers mehndi design for boys

Photo Credit: rm_hennaartist

It is an innovative Mehndi design for boys. If you are an Avengers fan, you can try this cool design or any other design related to it.

13. Elephant Design

Elephant Mehndi design man

Photo Credit: ashlesha_bhagat

The Royal Elephant design is for the ones who want to keep it grand and royal. This design is very neat and artistic.

14. Intricate Mehndi Design for Grooms

Creative and detailed mehndi design for grooms to be

Photo Credit: henna_hands_by_mahek

Imprinting the partner’s name initials on hand with henna is a custom in weddings. There are a lot of ways to include the initials in the design. The above picture is an example of it.

15. Custom Message Mehndi Design

Custom message mehndi design for grooms

Photo Credit: nidhi_mehendi_art

If you are a creative one and love personalized messages you should try this one.

16. Hashtag Mehndi Design

Krishna peacock feather bridal groom mehndi design

Photo Credit: krishnas_mehendi_rajkot

We are in love with this simple peacock feather Krishna design which also includes the hashtag.

17. Simple Rajasthani Mehndi Design

Royal mehndi design for men

Photo Credit: aish_mehndi_makeup

This simple Rajasthani mehndi design is a must-try for grooms on their wedding day. If you don’t want to do a full-hand design, this one is perfect for you.

18. Save The Date Mehndi Designs

Bridal groom mehndi design for their wedding day

Photo Credit: dreem_girl_jini

This mehndi design is perfect for the grooms who like to keep it simple and like calligraphy. The save the date design on one hand and the bride’s name on the other is very creative.

19. The Raja Rani Mehndi Design

The raja rani mehndi design, King and Queen card mehndi design

Photo Credit: mayur_mehendi

The design shown above is very elegant and royal. The designs of the king and queen cards are made in the middle of the palms and it is surrounded by beautiful heart and lotus designs.

20. Full Hand Mehndi Designs

Floral mehndi design on full hand

Photo Credit: the_bhavika_makeupartist

The picture above is an example of a full hand mehndi design for a groom. The name of the bride and groom are also imprinted on one hand.

21. Royal Groom Mehndi Design

Intricate full hand detailing

Photo Credit: _sakshi_mehndi_art

It is a very detailed design with the drawing of the Dulha and Dulhan face by henna. If you want a royal and elegant design, you can pick this one.

22. Custom Mehndi Design

Custom and personalised mehndi designs for grooms

Photo Credit: hiral_hiren_dixit_

This is a personalized design where one can put the name of their partner.

23. Simple and Neat Mehndi Design

Simple ganesha mehndi design for boys

Photo Credit: nensii_mehandi

If you want to go for a simple mehndi look, you should go for this simple Ganesha design.

24. Ganesha Mehndi Design for Grooms

Traditional Ganesha Mehndi Design man

Photo Credit: heers_mehndi

This Ganesha mehndi design will look very beautiful, you can also write slokas with henna if you want on one hand just like the picture above.

25. Mandala Mehndi Design for Grooms

Mandal mehndi art design

Photo Credit: shrunkhala_mehndi_nails

This design is perfect for a groom who wants to keep his mehndi design simple. The mandala design is quite popular.

26. Simple Mehndi Design

Simple mehndi design man

Photo Credit: mansii_mehndi

It is a simple one with Ganesh’s design on one hand and the name of the bride on the other.

27. Creative Mehndi Design

Artistic mehndi designs

Photo Credit: pari_mehendiofficial

This mehndi design is very artistic and beautiful, the design depicts a story. If you want a creative and unique design you can go for this one.

28. Bridal Groom Mehndi Design

Detailed mehndi design

Photo Credit: mm_designe_1

We loved this mehndi design because of the cute bride and groom art holding the garland. The design also includes the traditional satvik symbol and the lotus symbol.

29. Rajput Mehndi Design

Rajput mehndi design for men

Photo Credit: mehndi_by_nandita5491

If you like traditional and royal designs, you can pick this one. It is a full hand mehndi design with detailed motifs.

30. Joint Hand Mehndi Design

intricate mehndi designs
Photo Credit: monikakhode_

Joint hand mehndi designs are quite trending and creative. The design looks complete when you join both hands as shown in the picture.

When the wedding season is on, don’t forget to refer to the amazing designs mentioned above. Choose the one that suits you best.