Anand Mahindra Gives Brilliant reply over competition with Tata Motors

Anand Mahindra Gives Brilliant reply over competition with Tata Motors

Industrialist Anand Mahindra frequently shares engaging Twitter posts discussing topics such as business culture in India, life aspirations and valuable content. His company, the Mahindra Group, consistently engages with his followers, responding to their inquiries on various subjects including his age and qualifications. These interactions receive high praise. Recently when asked about Tata Motors, a competitor in the four-wheeler manufacturing industry, Mr. Mahindra responded in a manner that continues to garner positive attention on social media.

On Saturday a user posed a question in response to a tweet that Mr. Mahindra had engaged with. In the original tweet famous novelist and naval officer Harinder S Sikka had commended Mahindra’s latest product, the XUV700 for its impressive attributes including safety features, steering, seating, legroom, gadgets and sensors.

“A dear friend brought this XUV to golf course, let me test drive. Felt urge to tweet.

It’s car of substance.

Safety features, steering, seats, leg space, gadgets, sensors are all worth writing home about. Finally, India’s into luxury cars.

@anandmahindra Its your passion on display👏👏 ”

To which Mr. Mahindra replied, “The best endorsements are from people with no bias-for or against-via a random encounter with the vehicle. Thank you for making my day Harinder. And my passion can be taken for granted, but it springs directly from the entire auto team, who, in fact, are called #Passioneers.”

In the tweet mentioned earlier by Anand Mahindra, a user poses a question. “Sir what about your feelings about Tata cars?”

This seemingly ordinary tweet regarding Mahindra’s competition with TATA managed to capture Anand Mahindra’s interest, prompting him to respond.

In response to the user’s question in the comment section, the industrialist stated, “It’s a privilege to have strong competitors like @TataMotors. They keep reinventing themselves, and that inspires us to do even better… Competition spurs Innovation.”

Anand Mahindra’s response to his tweet left the internet in awe, leading to over 14.3K likes and more than 850 retweets. Numerous users also shared their thoughts in the comments section.

Earlier Mahindra’s reply to a user’s question about his NRI status caused him to trend on Twitter. The Chairman of the Mahindra Group declared himself as an HRI, signifying “heart (always) resident in India.”

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