Animal: 5 Scenes from the Film that created commotion

Animal: 5 Scenes from the Film that created commotion

Sandeep Reddy Vanga is a filmmaker known for courting controversy. A trend that has persisted throughout his career, starting with his debut film, Arjun Reddy. From publicly justifying violence in romantic relationships to facing criticism for allegedly glorifying misogyny. And toxic masculinity in his works, Reddy Vanga consistently generates headlines for both his statements and his films. His recent directorial venture, Animal, continues this trend. Sparking intense discussions and becoming one of the most talked-about Bollywood movies online this year.

Ranbir Kapoor, Rashmika Mandanna, and Anil Kapoor headline the cast of Animal, a film that has sparked considerable criticism. For various scenes among a segment of the internet. Strong arguments against nearly every aspect of the movie. Particularly its treatment of women, have labeled it as “problematic.” Here, we delve into the five startling scenes from Animal that have deeply divided opinions on social media.

Ranbir Kapoor and Tripti Dimri shoe licking scene in Animal

In what’s being termed as “the most problematic” scene in Animal. Ranbir Kapoor’s character, Vijay Singh, requests Zoya Riaz (portrayed by Tripti Dimri) to lick his shoe as a demonstration of her love for him. Filmmaker Ram Gopal Varma also addressed this specific scene in his extensive review of Animal. “The only time I disliked Vijay’s character is when he asks the girl to lick his shoe. And I think that’s because of the brilliant casting of that actress. Which evoked instant empathy in me the moment I saw her. And it only grew with every close-up of hers,” expressed the veteran director.


Young Ranbir Kapoor with gun scene

In one of the most contentious scenes in the film, a young Ranbir Kapoor enters his sister’s college wielding a gun to confront those who had harassed her. Discussing this, a netizen shared on X: “I recently viewed someone’s WhatsApp status featuring a scene from the Animal movie in a theater. Ranbir Kapoor entering with a gun into a classroom, and the entire audience was cheering. Celebrating a schoolboy with a gun in a classroom is not something to applaud. Something is evidently amiss with people.”

Pad change dialogue

In this particular scene, Ranbir’s character Vijay engages in a heated argument with his on-screen wife Geetanjali, portrayed by Rashmika Mandanna. The dialogue unfolds as Vijay expresses frustration towards Geetanjali for discussing her menstruation. Ranbir’s character is heard saying to Rashmika, “You change four pads a month and create drama over it, here I am changing 50 in a day.” This dialogue has faced criticism from netizens. Who are condemning Reddy Vanga for his “insensitive” writing.

Animal ‘s Pelvis dialogue

Ranbir Kapoor’s character Vijay attempts to manipulate Rashmika’s Geetanjali into leaving her fiancé by stating, “You have a big pelvis, you will accommodate healthy babies.” This dialogue has faced severe criticism online, with one user expressing, “Forget whatever you knew about toxic masculinity… Ranbir’s pick up line was you have a big pelvis, you can have healthy babies.”

In Animal Ranbir Kapoor gone naked scene

In a highly debated scene from Animal, Ranbir Kapoor’s character Vijay Singh opts for full nudity after his heart surgery. Opinions on the scene vary, with some deeming it unnecessary, while others applaud the actor’s boldness for going completely nude on the big screen.

In general, ‘Animal’ has sparked extensive discussions in Bollywood, as social media users articulate firm viewpoints on its content, particularly addressing the depiction of women and the inclusion of provocative scenes.

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