30 Funniest Indian Meme Templates To Make Viral Memes On

Indian Meme Templates

Memes run the world now. They are no longer just a source of entertainment but help us stay aware of all the things that are happening in the world, besides making us laugh. Indians are naturally good artists and finding humour in different things is bread and butter to us. Since more people consume Memes now, more creators are also emerging. For that Meme Templates are in heavy demand. If you’re also looking for the Best Indian Meme Templates to show your creativity on, we’ve got you covered – by compiling a list of the 30 Best ones. Add this to your Meme Database.

Check out 30 of the Best Indian Meme Templates :-

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1. When your Sister offers chocolate but it’s the one you’d kept in the fridge

Sooryavanshi Memes

This Meme originated from the Set Max’ favourite Sooryavanshi. We all have
watched this scene countless times but never thought this film will give us so many
viral hindi meme templates.

2. Introverts welcoming their extrovert friend who’s placed order for them

Indian Meme Template

We all loved Hansal Mehta’s Scam 1992 ,didn’t we? With every viral web series,
the Memes related to it are bound to go viral. This scene depicts the stature of
the big bull during the late 80s. Pratik Gandhi portrayed the role beautifully and
became an internet sensation.

3. Jaldi se doodh pi leta hoon, fir ja ke Internet pe cool bhi toh ban’na hai

dudh pi leta hoon

This is one of those modern meme templates used to mock people of a certain
kind. That friend who fakes a lot or that one friend who shows off almost all the
time? This is an accurate description of their state on Social Media.

4. Accept, Except aur Expect teeno alag hote hainChhoti bacchi ho kya

Besides the whistle thing, this particular dialogue was the most memorable part
about Tiger Shroff’s debut film Heropanti. The scene went viral after a mimicry
artist made a video on it. After that, there was no stopping the flood of Memes.

5. Dekh raha hai Binod.. Kaise Internship ke name pe mazdoori karwate hain.Dekh raha hai binod

Panchayat is one of the finest Indian Web Series (s) ever made and we aren’t
even exaggerating. Panchayat Memes were the talk of the town a couple of
months ago and a big credit goes to Banrakas and Binod. Those two gentlemen
made the show even more enjoyable. And let’s not even talk about the acting
because we will have to write a seperate blog for that. Easily in my top 10
best Indian Meme Templates of all time.

6. When your friend says ‘bhookh nahi hai’ but jumps to eat when you orderShark Tank Memes

Shark Tank Memes are as sought-after as Shark’s equity. All the sharks on the
show had their different auras but Ashneer Grover in particular stole the show in
Meme department. His honest yet rude replies to the contestants made him a
reputed Meme Figure. This is one of his classic replies, and it isn’t even his best.

7. Kitna bhi try kar lo Bunny, work-life balance nahi ban paayegaKitna bhi try karo bunny

This dialogue’s from Deepika and Ranbir’s YJHD. A film that was already pretty
famous among the youth saw some of its scenes going viral after years of release.
Don’t you feel it’s a rather demotivating template?

8. When your Boss calls for an urgent meet during the long weekendArijit Singh Memes

Arijit Singh Songs make people cry but his Meme compensate for it. This still is
from one of his concerts. The lines are pretty hard-hitting but we all have such
people in our lives who can resonate with this.

9. Lenskart Employees to random users whenever they are boredKBC Memes

KBC Memes will never get old. They were funny in 2013, they will remain funny
in 2023 too. Amitabh Bachchan’s powerful voice does justice to that enthusiasm.
The lines uttered in above Meme Template aren’t heard everyday though.

10. Par Bhai tujhe kaise pata mera FB name ‘Rockstar Prince’ hai?Virat Kohli Meme Templates

When people are bored or have got no work to do, they dig out the old pictures of
celebrities. Virat Kohli’s facial expressions are ready-made meme materials
but even his old pictures grab headlines. This one’s pretty COOL too, ironically.

11. When you ask a doubt from the teacher who kept saying ‘koi doubt ho toh puchh lena’Indian Meme Templates Download

Another one of those Shark Tank Memes, this time it’s Namita Thapar. If your
pitching attempt hasn’t impressed her, she will simply say it isn’t her expertise
and get away. Brilliant, right? It gave birth to numerous Memes and Namita
got in the news for something that isn’t called EmCure.

12. Reality Shows’ contestants when they are asked to            perform their artAkshay Kumar Memes

No Indian Meme Templates list can be complete without the mention of Meme King Akshay Kumar. He has templates for every single event the mankind has ever witnessed.
In this one, he is sad. Use it to get away when you are being trolled.

13. When your roommate cooks for the first time by watching Youtube tutorialHindi Meme Templates Download

If there’s one Indian Film that can take the credit for revolutionising the way Memes were made in India, it will be none other than Anurag Kashyap’s Gangs of Wasseypur. Unlike today, Indian Memes were rather subtle until the introduction of GoW Meme Templates. They somewhat encouraged the use of strong language in Memes and the suit was followed
with a plethora of other Indian Meme Templates.

14. Me after doing MBA from a Private Institution and still        being joblessIndian Meme Templates App

Gaurav Taneja aka Flying Beast is a multi-talented individual but he often finds himself in the middle of controversies for various reasons. He is an avid vlogger and this was the thumbnail of one of his vlogs.

15. When you are dancing at a wedding and suddenly realise you are broke, single, ugly and joblessAkshay Kumar Memes

Another one of those epic Akshay Kumar Expressions. Don’t be surprised if you see him appearing more than anyone else in this list. This still is from his song Filhaal 2 and explains a bittersweet feeling. Akshay is responsible for half of the viral Indian Meme Templates.

16. When it’s your Father’s call and friends start moaning for no reason Rohit Sharma Memes

Indian Captain Rohit Sharma is extremely expressive, be it with the Bat or in the
field as Captain. His hilarious facial expressions give rise to countless Memes over Social Platforms. This is another one of those Hitman Specials.

17. When your parents ask you ‘Engineering ke baad aage kya karoge’Mirzapur Meme Templates

Mirzapur Memes were as good as the show itself. The grey characters were widely acknowledged by the fans and gave rise to some famous Hindi Meme Templates.
In this particular scene, Munna Bhaiya was trying to explain his father Kaleen Bhaiya
about his plans to grow the business. He failed!

18. When you show a very exotic dish (whose name is nigh impossible
to pronounce) to your MomShark Tank Memes

Shark Tank Memes are back and this time, it’s Boat Co-Founder Aman Gupta at the
centrestage. His typical desi dialogue became a funny Meme. I mean, the man
was only trying to explain that he, too, can do it.

19. Me entering the school Bus and realising I forgot notebook at homeTVF Memes

TVF’s Aspirants was a critically acclaimed series and depicted the life story of IAS Aspirants. The show gave birth to many popular Memes in recent times, similar to this one.
Abhilash’ grief in this scene was turned into a Meme. Cruel World!

20. When my friend’s lying to his GF and I realise I’ve got a new tool to blackmail himVirat Rohit Memes

King Kohli-Hitman bromance unites half of the country. Whatever they do makes it to the headlines, no matter good or bad. With the news of rift doing rounds, this interview was a breath of fresh air and a wholesome moment for Cricket Fans.

21. When your girlfriend says ‘I like guys who are multi-talentedIndian Meme Templates Reddit

The picture explains itself, doesn’t it? If Zomato, Swiggy and Uber ever decide to do a Collab, this guy should be their Chief Guest. What a Legend!

22. Me and the boys discussing Indian Meme Templates in office instead of talking about our actual workHindi Meme Templates Download

Panchayat 2 Memes hold a special place in every Meme Lover’s heart. They are so pure and relatable. Pradhan and Sachiv Ji alongside Vikas & Prahlad were involved in an important discussion but it became a Meme.

23. When you visit College for the first time and realise that campus pics were mythPanchayat 2 Memes

Back-to-back Panchayat Memes. This scene is the funniest of them all. Acting was so genuine and dialogue delivery was top notch. The only sad thing was Sachiv Ji losing his ‘Chakka wala Kursi’. Dulhe Raja nailed it.

24. Stress door karne ke liye game khelta tha. Game khel ke stress aur badh gaya.Meme Templates Hindi

O mera dola ni aaya dola.. Ravi Kishan’s brilliant acting and that soulful song from Shershah – no one would have thought that this combination will be funny, until it
was. This template itself is funny and easily among the best Indian Meme Templates.

25. Me trying to calculate how many hours of sleep will I be getting by sleeping @ 3TMKOC Memes

Any list of Indian Meme Templates will be incomplete without the mention of Taarak Mehta ka Ooltah Chashma. TMKOC Memes and TMKOC Show, both are loved equally by fans. Here’s Jethalal counting the number of people they’ve made smile over the years.

26. Dad when you are talking to the Customer Care in EnglishHindi Meme Templates

This film and this scene have so many emotions. We all must have cried at least
once watching this but the Memes on SRK’s reaction will only give tears of joy.

27. Me blaming Education System for my unemployment even though I’m highly unskilledIPL Memes

Krunal Pandya is often criticized for his alleged arrogant or rather aggressive nature. His reaction to a catch drop on his bowling went viral and resulted in some excessively funny Memes, basically saying he can never be wrong.

28. When you’re listening Music at 2 AM and suddenly THAT line hits harder than it should haveAkshay Kumar Memes

It’s Akshay Kumar once again – Akshay of Hera Pheri 2, to be precise.
Will it be an exaggeration if I say Hera Pheri 2 Memes will remain GOAT of Indian
Meme Templates? Not many will disagree.

29. Ye lo paani pi lo. Thak gaye Indian Meme Templates hoge scroll karte-karte.CID Memes

We care about our readers so here we are, motivating you all to stay hydrated.
About the Meme, it originated from Set Max’ Sooryavansham, although the guy
you see on the screen is famous for something else. Matlab samjhe, Daya?

30. And just like that, let’s cap things off Mirzapur Memes

Goodbye, Folks. This is all we have in this Article.

Hope you enjoyed scrolling through few of the best Indian Meme Templates there are. Show your creativity on them and try to make people laugh. Until next time!