CFO uses a page from kid’s notebook & sends handwritten resignation letter

CFO uses a page from kid's notebook and sends handwritten resignation letter

In an unconventional move, a Chief Financial Officer (CFO) recently tendered his resignation using a page from a kid’s notebook. The departure announcement, usually a formal communication, took a whimsical turn as the executive opted for a light-hearted and creative approach. This departure letter has sparked attention online, reflecting a departure from traditional corporate norms. Explore the unique resignation note that has garnered curiosity and reactions within professional circles, revealing a departure from the usual formalities in such announcements.


The viral CFO Resignation

The viral resignation letter of Rinku Patel, former CFO of BSE-listed Mitshi India Ltd, drew attention for its unconventional style. Patel submitted the letter to the managing director on December 15, and the company shared it with the stock exchange. Departing from the usual formalities, Patel’s handwritten letter, resembling a page from a kid’s notebook, went viral on social media. This departure from traditional resignation norms reflects a unique and creative approach to a professional announcement.

CFO resignation

The letter read, “With the respect, I hereby inform you that I will be resigning from the job of CFO with immediate effect due to my personal reasons. It was great pleasure and excellent experience working for you organisation.”

Response from the Company

The company in stock exchange filing stated, “This is to inform that the Board of Directors (the Board) of the Company, at its meeting held on 20° December, 2023, Wednesday, has considered and taken note of the resignation of Rinku Niket Patel from the post of Chief Financial Officer of the company. Rinku Niket Patel resigned from the post of Chief Financial Officer of the company due to personal reasons.”

On Friday at 1400 hours, the company’s stock traded 6% higher at Rs 23.75.

Resign karne ka tareeka thoda casual hai!!

Netizens found amusement in the resignation letter, offering diverse theories. One X user remarked, “See, the handwriting is decent. The chap actually wrote it out. Is a simple, genuine fellow. Didn’t copy paste copious high-sounding stuff from the net. Only thing is the paper could be a bonded one for impact.”

Another person chipped in and wrote, “Might be a health issue with the CFO, possibly a stroke etc, and he got his kid to write it, and managed to sign it from a hospital bed or similar. I hope that I’m wrong, and he’s hale and hearty.”

Another person took the conversation to a hilarious turn and wrote, “ChatGPT se dekhke copy mei utara hai, Rinku ne shayad Apne bache ko ye task diya Hoga bcos, See R of Rinku in signature panel and R of Resignation.”

Update about CFO position

Mitshi India informed BSE that they are actively identifying/appointing a new CFO and will update the Stock Exchanges once they fill the CFO position.

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