What are the Different Types of Sports Calls To Earn?


Taking Sports-related calls with money offers punters different ways to play. Beyond supporting & taking calls on a team that will win the game, punters can take calls on the total number of points scored in the game, the victory margin, and so much more. Before going into taking calls on sports, it is crucial to understand the types of monetary calls available to you so that you can make the best of the situation.

With numerous resources available online, you can learn all about taking calls and the different types of sports calls available. For instance, you can check betting-sites.in to learn more about the game and how to choose the right bookmakers. So, what are the types of sports calls that you can put your money on?

Money Line

This is the most common and simplest call type. When you take your call on a team’s Moneyline, you call on the team winning the match. That means if you call on a team to win and if the team wins your call wins but if it loses you lose your call.

Point Spread

This is also a common call type. It involves calling on the victory margin of a team and not the final result. In this type of call, you have to call on the favorite or the underdog. A favorite has a minus symbol while an underdog has a plus symbol. That means if a team is tagged with -5.3, it must win by more than 5.3 points for your call to win.


This involves multiple calls taken. To win a parlay call, every taken call in a parlay must win for you to cash your call. If only a few of the call wins, you lose your parlay call.


A prop type of play is also called a proposition call and it’s a variety that is not directly connected to the final result of the game. For instance, punters can stake on a player’s prop, which is a call on the performance of the player. A prop play is a call on a particular event happening in the game, such as which team will first score.


This is similar to a parlay playstyle because it is connected with multiple calls. However, a teaser is only for point spreads and it has the same payout as a regular call and not a large payout. A teaser call involves teasing the spread of different games by several or few points in the favor of the player.


This is a kind of arbitrage playing style where punters place point spread calls on both sides of a game at different lines. The aim is to either win both calls or win at least one.


This type of play involves staking on a game that is in progress. The live call is more exciting because the odds change based on the developments in the game.


A future style of playing is a type of call on future outcomes in a sports event. It can be a call on a team winning a league championship, a team’s total wins in a tournament, or winning a complete event.

MVP Award

These are some of the popular playing styles that punters can explore. It is best to understand each of these styles before putting your money on them.