30 Indian MEME Templates That Can Be Used Anytime By Every Indian

Hindi Meme Templates

Every day, millions of memes are created. India has been in lockdown for the past two years, yet meme culture is on the increase. Many memes became famous, including Shehnaaz Gill’s “Kya karun mein maar jaun” and Vaibhav Rajoriya’s “Gazab bezzati hai yaar.” In the midst of this grueling pandemic, these viral Indian memes have been delivering laughter to the Indian youths. Throughout the lockdown, we’ve been entertained by these memes.

Let us take a sneak peek at some of the famous Indian meme templates, that has been thoroughly picked up after looking at the recent meme culture:

1. Kuch Bhi

kuch bhi Indian meme template
Photo Credit: Meme Templates

This well-known Indian meme template comes from the program “Taarak Mehta ka Ooltah Chashmah”, in which the legendary actor Dillip Joshi aka Jethalal Champaklal Gada delivered the dialogue. When someone does something exceedingly foolish, this meme template can be used.

2. Nice

Indian meme template nice
Photo Credit: Pinterest

When a person appreciates something while texting, they might utilize this popular Indian meme template. Amrish Puri, the late great actor, is shown in the meme.

3. Unbelievable

Indian meme template disappointed reaction
Photo Credit: Meme

This famous meme template features a Pakistani cricket enthusiast. During the World Cup, this photo was captured. When a Pakistani player dropped the catch, he couldn’t believe what he was seeing. This meme template was an instant hit in India and has since been widely used.

4. Kya Takleef Hai Apko

meme template of jethalal
Photo Credit: Indian Meme Templates

“Tarak Mehta’s Ooltah Chashmah” is again responsible for this well-known meme template. Dillip Joshi is the actor in this scene. “What is your problem?” is simply stated in this meme template.

5. Kaun Hai Ye Log….Kahan Se Aate Hain

Jolly LLB meme template
Photo Credit: Indian Meme Templates

The actor in the sequence is Arshad Warsi, and the conversation is from the well-known film “Jolly LLB”. The meme template quickly became popular, and it simply states, “Who are these people? Where did they come from?” This Indian meme template can be used on someone who is behaving foolishly.

6. Bhaisaab, Yeh Kis Line Mein Aa Gaye Aap?

Welcome funny meme template
Photo Credit: Imgflip

This meme template was inspired by the film “Welcome”. Akshay Kumar is the actor in this scene. When you don’t believe someone or make irrational decisions, this meme template Indian can be employed.

7. Aascharyachakit

Meme template shakti kapoor
Photo Credit: Meme Generator

Shakti Kapoor, a well-known actor, appears in this renowned meme template. This meme template depicts a startling reaction to an unexpected event. This meme template can be used in your WhatsApp conversations.

8. Kuch Toh Sharam Karo Janab

Funny meme template jolly LLB
Photo Credit: HumorNama

This famous meme template is from the movie “Jolly LLB 2”. Taking some humiliation is all that is described in the meme template. This is a funny meme template that you may share with your pals.

9. Expectations Vs Reality

indian template hrithik
Photo Credit: Pinterest

The movie “Koi Mil Gaya” inspired this meme template. The actor is predicting something better here, but the reality is nothing like what he had anticipated.

10. Yeh Bhi Theek Hai

Famous ye bhi theek hai indian meme template
Photo Credit: Meme Template House

This hysterically funny Indian meme template is based on the popular series “Mirzapur”. This meme template can be used to get an agreement on a subject or occurrence.

11. Haan Malum Hai, Apne Baap Ko Mat Sikha

Indian meme template akshay kumar
Photo Credit: Twitter

Akshay Kumar delivers this iconic Indian meme template phrase in a film. Don’t tell your father what to do, it says. When someone tries to teach you something you already know, utilize this meme template Indian.

12. Nahi

Nahi meme sanjay dutt
Photo Credit: Pinterest

Sanjay Dutt’s character “Munna Bhai MBBS” inspired this popular Indian meme template. The meme template simply states, “I’m sorry, but I’m not interested.” When you don’t want to agree on something strongly, this is a good option.

13. Jali Na? Teri Jali Na?

funny meme template
Photo Credit: HumorNama

Akshay Kumar portrays this well-known Indian meme template. This meme template simply asks, “Are you burning?” This meme template is ideal to use on someone who is envious.

14. 21 Din Mein Paisa Double

funny meme template phir hera pheri
Photo Credit: Facebook

This famous Indian meme template is also portrayed by Akshay Kumar. This meme template simply describes twice your money in 21 days. This meme template should be used in the context of any kind of scam.

15. Naughty Laughing

funny meme for naughty laughing
Photo Credit: Twitter

This popular Indian meme template is inspired by the film “Bhagam Bhag”. This meme template features Akshay Kumar’s frightening smile. In a dirty joke, this meme might be used to criticize or tease someone.

16. Ye Bik Gayi Hai Gormint

funny meme template
Photo Credit: India.com

This well-known phrase was uttered by an elderly lady during an interview in Kashmir, where she mispronounced the word government as gormint. This meme template quickly went viral, and several memers began making memes based on her. It is commonly used to criticize the government.

17. Yeh Badhia Tha Guru

Mirzapur meme template
Photo Credit: Pinterest

This well-known meme template is based on a scene from the popular web series “Mirzapur 2”. This meme template is typically used to express gratitude for something or someone.

18. Hello Friends, Chai Peelo

Viral chai pee lo meme
Photo Credit: Youtube

This meme was inspired by a YouTube video of an Indian woman asking her audience to drink chai without realizing it was too sarcastic for others. She rose to fame through memes, and her meme template is now commonly used as a joke on social media.

19. Our Business Is Our business, None Of Your Business

funny meme template
Photo Credit: The Quint

This dialogue was taken from a Bollywood film and became instantly famous due to the fact that it makes no sense or is simply stupid. This meme went viral quickly and is commonly used to request someone not to intervene in your BUSINESS.

20. Abhi Hum Zinda Hain

funny meme template from welcome
Photo Credit: Imgflip

This famous meme was inspired by a scene in the film Welcome. The bossy nature of the dialogue made this meme template famous. It is typically used to indicate that you are still present or to make your presence known in a situation.

21. Run For Life

funny meme template run for life
Photo Credit: Meme Template India

This is a well-known meme template, and several memes have been created using it, such as “me when my girlfriend is home alone.” This well-known scene is from the film “Phir Hera Pheri”.

22. Tu Hai Tereko Pata Nahi Hai Lekin Tu Hai

funny meme template of rawdies
Photo Credit: Reddit

This meme template was inspired by Rannvijay Singh in the famous television show “Roadies”. The meme template depicts “you are, you don’t know who you are, but you are.” A nonsense statement that went viral due to its idiocy.

23. Paisa Hi Paisa Hoga

Phir hera pheri funny meme template
Photo Credit: HumourNama

This meme template became popular as a result of the charming character of Akshay Kumar, who appears in the meme. This meme depicts a scene in which Raju, the character, declares that there will be a lot of money. It can be used between friends who want to start a stupid business.

24. Aise Kaise

funny Indian meme template
Photo Credit: Meme Generator

This meme template depicts two actors in a position, that it seems they appear to be wondering with a hand gesture that generally means, “How can this be?” “An amusing meme that is usually used in a conversation when you don’t understand something.

25. Bilkul Risk Nai Lene Ka

funny meme template hera pheri movie
Photo Credit: Imgflip

This dialogue is from the popular film “Hera Pheri”, in which the character is on the phone and asks not to take any risks. This amusing meme template can be used to jokingly state that you will not take any risks.

26. Rasode Mein Kaun Tha

funny meme template rasode mai kaun tha
Photo Credit: English News Headline

This is a line from the Indian television show “Saath Nibhana Sathiya”. A music producer named Yashraj Mukhate created a humorous song based on the video ‘Rasode mein kon tha’ or who was in the kitchen.

27. Kya Karu Mein Mar Jaun

funny Indian meme template
Photo Credit: ScrollDroll

This line was spoken by Shehnaz Gill in “Big Boss 13”, and a portion of the clip was made famous by Yashraj Mukhate, who turned the clip into a viral song. When one is frustrated during a conversation, this meme template can be used.

28. Gandhiji Ban Gandhiji

funny meme template
Photo Credit: Youtube

This line comes from the television show “Tarak Mehta ka Ooltah Chashmah”, in which Champak Chacha, angry with his son, begs him to be Gandhiji. This meme can be used in a severe scenario.

29. Kabhi Kabhi Lagta Hai Apun Hi Bhagwan Hai

meme template sacred games
Photo Credit: Indian Meme Template

After the show “Sacred Games” became popular, this dialogue was turned into a popular meme template. When making a domineering statement in a conversation, this meme template might be employed.

30. Haan Ye Karlo Pehle

funny meme template of raju shrivastav
Photo Credit: HumorNama

Raju Srivastav, a well-known comedian, and actor, said this famous dialogue. When someone does something stupid instead of focusing on the main part of a conversation, this well-known meme template might be used to describe it.

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