Fathers Day Quotes & Messages To Share With Your Dad Or The World

fathers day quotes and messages in images
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Father is like a shoulder to lean on, a fierce protector, and our silent supporter. Usually, a father is strong, stoic and stern on the outside, but a real softie on the inside. He is always on the lookout for the welfare of his children. And always ready to pack some punches if anyone messes with his kids. So, to all the wonderful Dads out there, we want you to know that without your guidance and advice, we might not have been the best version of us.

And on the occasion of Father’s Day, we bring to you 15 cute and heartwarming quotes to share with your dearest Dad and show him, how much he means to you. Whether you are right next to your father or miles away from him, these quotes will surely make both of your hearts melt.

Father’s don’t express quite well, but you can. So share the message and spread the love.

Father’s Day Quotes To Share With Dad

wishing the father who is a hero, adventurer, story-teller


wish you father who is like guiding light


my father believed in me - quote for father's day


wishing the father who didn't let me give up


dad is one who wears cape, father's day wishes


father is girl's first love quote image


wishes for father who gave me future


dad is like chocolate cookie quote


father day quote to share


fathers don't tell but show love quote


father showed me how to live quote for father's day


looking up to your father quote


my father have my back - father's day


my father was there always quote for father's day


no fault father's day quote


Celebrate Father’s Day with Love and share these messages with the loveliest person on the earth, the reason for your existence and well being.

Happy Father’s Day!