Journalist insults ‘Kadhi Chawal’, Netizens deep fries him

Journalist insults 'Kadhi Chawal', Netizens deep fries him

Much like how Idli is a staple in Southern India, Kadhi Chawal holds a similar significance in Northern India. It serves as the ultimate comfort food, a saviour after indulging in heavy paneer dishes or venturing into culinary experiments. This seasoned combination of yogurt and rice stands out as a sophisticated variation of the ubiquitous ‘dal chawal,’ adding both flair and simplicity to every Desi plate. However, when an Indian journalist labeled ‘Kadhi Chawal’ as somewhat overrated, the food enthusiasts swiftly responded, wielding a ‘belan’ (rolling pin) to make it clear they wouldn’t tolerate such a personal insult.

Journalist calls 'Kadhi Chawal' as mediocre, Netizens roasts him deep fry

Certainly, acknowledging diverse opinions is crucial, recognising that tastes can vary. However, some viewpoints are exceptionally bold. Recently, Indian Journalist Shiv Aroor shared an unconventional opinion on X (formerly known as Twitter), asserting that a dish often praised by North Indians, Kadhi Chawal, is, in his view, rather mediocre.

So what did the Journalist wrote about Kadhi Chawal

Shiv Aroor, on the micro-blogging site ‘X’ (formerly Twitter), expressed his view, stating, “Another very mediocre north dish that people go on and on about: Kadhi Chawal.” Similar to his other food critiques known for their sizzle and fizzle, this particular opinion ignited a lively flavour feud in the comment section.

X serves as a platform where individuals are quick to engage in heated exchanges at the slightest hint of provocation. Unsurprisingly, this post became a direct invitation for ridicule, evident from the lively comment section. It was apparent that many commenters held Kadhi Chawal as their favourite dish.

The culprit of Kadhi Chawal in the dock

Stunned by this audacious culinary perspective, numerous individuals rallied behind the journalist. Some argued that Rasam Chawal surpassed Kadhi Chawal in taste. Yet, instead of pitting them against each other, why not appreciate both as top comfort food items in India?



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Predictably, the majority did not take kindly to the opinion. Some even suggested that he deserved a fitting punishment, stating he should face a “kadhi se kadhi saza” for expressing such a view! One commentator expressed tolerance when he criticised Parwal (pointed gourd) but felt that disapproving of Kadhi Chawal crossed a boundary. Another speculated that perhaps the individual hadn’t tasted kadhi with ghee, leading to such a perspective.

Others chose to respond with memes, adding to the trend of Shiv Aroor sharing controversial food opinions. Previously, he had labeled Malpua as the worst sweet dish, causing a similar uproar on the internet. Evidently, he remains unapologetic about his bold and controversial culinary viewpoints!

Kadhi saza by netizens

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