Matthew Perry’s cause of death has finally revealed in Autopsy report

Matthew Perry's cause of death has finally revealed in Autopsy report

The long-awaited autopsy report has unveiled the cause of Matthew Perry’s death, bringing closure to the speculation surrounding the beloved actor’s passing. The findings shed light on the circumstances surrounding his demise, ending the suspense that has surrounded the details since his death. In this article, we delve into the revealed cause of Matthew Perry’s death, providing insight into the factors that contributed to the loss of the acclaimed actor.

Matthew Perry's cause of death has finally revealed in Autopsy report

How Matthew Perry died?

On Friday, December 16, the medical autopsy revealed that Matthew Perry, renowned for portraying ‘Chandler’ on “Friends,” allegedly succumbed to an accidental overdose of ketamine. Reports suggest his death may be attributed to the immediate impact of ketamine, a substance utilized in antidepressants and anesthesia. Perry had been undergoing ketamine infusion therapy for depression, gradually reducing the dosage. His final infusion occurred a week and a half before his passing, according to the report.

Matthew Perry's cause of death has finally revealed in Autopsy report

The Los Angeles County medical examiner, quoted in the report, suggested a potential ketamine overdose, citing “cardiovascular overstimulation and respiratory depression” as potential causes. Due to his diabetes and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, Perry might have encountered complex airflow obstruction and breathing complications from the medication.

The autopsy findings disclosed the absence of alcohol in his system, and there was no indication of other narcotics such as fentanyl, heroin, or cocaine.

The famous Chandler Bing

Perry, renowned for his role as ‘Chandler Bing’ from 1994 to 2004, tragically passed away at 54, found unresponsive in his Los Angeles home swimming pool in October. Despite grappling with drug addiction, including ketamine-related health issues, he had reportedly maintained a drug-free status for 19 months leading up to his death.

The unexpected loss of one of the beloved ‘Friends’ characters profoundly saddened people globally, particularly his fellow cast members. Jennifer Aniston, portraying Rachel, expressed deep sorrow, stating, “Oh boy, this one has cut deep. He was such a part of our DNA. We were always the 6 of us. This was a chosen family that forever changed the course of who we were and what our path was going to be.”

Matthew Perry's cause of death has finally revealed in Autopsy report

Matt LeBlanc, who played Perry’s roommate and best friend on the popular TV show, reminisced, “The times we had together are honestly among the favorite times of my life.”

What report said?

The Los Angeles County Medical Examiner’s office confirmed that Matthew Perry’s cause of death was attributed to the acute effects of ketamine, with contributory factors including drowning, coronary artery disease, and buprenorphine effects, classifying it as an accidental death. Ketamine, known for its illegal recreational use due to numbing and hallucinogenic effects, is also utilized by doctors as an anesthetic, with ongoing research exploring its potential in mental health treatment.

Matthew Perry's cause of death has finally revealed in Autopsy report

In his memoirs, Perry candidly detailed his reliance on ketamine during periods of addiction, praising its pain relief and antidepressant benefits, humorously suggesting it had his name written all over it. Despite describing the euphoria as being hit with a “giant happy shovel,” Perry acknowledged the challenging hangovers associated with its use.

Matthew Perry’s Struggles Unveiled

“Friends,” the iconic sitcom following the lives of six New Yorkers, garnered a massive global following, yet behind the scenes, Matthew Perry grappled with personal struggles. Despite his on-air success and fortune, Perry faced battles with addiction, attending multiple rehabilitation clinics for painkillers and alcohol. His health struggles, including a burst colon in 2018 linked to drug usage, resulted in multiple surgeries. In his memoir, Perry candidly discussed detox experiences, dedicating the book to fellow sufferers and acknowledging he “should be dead.”


The examiner’s report, unveiling the cause of Perry’s death as ketamine’s acute effects, highlighted trace amounts in his stomach and the presence of prescription medications and loose pills at his home. Although he was undergoing ketamine treatment, the most recent infusion occurred over a week before his death. The report indicated elevated ketamine levels in his blood, comparable to those used in general anesthesia, causing heart overstimulation and respiratory issues. Perry’s coronary artery disease and buprenorphine use for pain heightened vulnerability, contributing to his tragic passing. The autopsy ruled out alcohol and other drug traces, providing a comprehensive yet somber picture of the beloved actor’s final moments.

Hollywood and ‘Friends’ Stars Express Shock and Grief Over Matthew Perry’s Death

Matthew Perry’s sudden demise in October elicited shocked reactions from Hollywood A-listers, his co-stars, and dedicated “Friends” fans across the globe. Jennifer Aniston, who portrayed Rachel in the iconic show, expressed deep sorrow on Instagram, stating, “Oh boy this one has cut deep.” She emphasized the profound connection among the cast, describing them as a chosen family that significantly influenced their paths. Matt LeBlanc, who played Perry’s roommate and best friend on “Friends,” echoed the sentiment, sharing that the times they spent together were among the favorite moments of his life. The collective grief highlighted the impact of Perry’s untimely departure on those who cherished the camaraderie built during the show.

Matthew Perry's cause of death has finally revealed in Autopsy report

In conclusion, the revealed details in Matthew Perry’s autopsy report have provided a poignant understanding of the circumstances leading to his untimely demise. The findings dispelled the suspense surrounding his passing and underscored the complexities of his health struggles. As fans mourn the loss of the iconic actor, the report emphasizes the critical impact of ketamine in his tragic end.

With heartfelt reflections from his co-stars, the ‘Friends’ family shares collective grief and cherishes the indelible moments spent together. Matthew Perry’s legacy lives on through his memorable performances, leaving an enduring impact on the world of entertainment.

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