Meet The Girl who has won awards for World’s Most Beautiful Handwriting

Meet The Girl who has won awards for World's Most Beautiful Handwriting

People’s handwriting styles vary, with some displaying remarkable elegance while others may have less polished penmanship. As we grow, we often engage in handwriting practice to refine our skills and make our writing more beautiful. In this context, a young girl from Nepal stands out as an exceptional example of the results of consistent practice. Her handwriting is considered the most exquisite globally, highlighting the idea that ongoing dedication and practice can lead to achieving a level of excellence that captures the attention and admiration of people around the world. This serves as an inspiring testament to the power of perseverance and continuous improvement.

Prakriti Malla, hailing from Nepal, possesses handwriting that is often regarded as the most exquisite globally. Her writing is so impeccable that it resembles computer-generated text, and each of her letters has a captivating quality that is truly exceptional, making it a rare sight for many.

Prakriti Malla achieved recognition at the young age of 16. When she was just 14 and in the eighth grade, one of her assignments gained immense popularity on the internet. The handwriting on that assignment was so enchanting that it garnered worldwide attention. People were amazed by the inherent beauty of her penmanship and lavished her with admiration and accolades.

Honoured By World’s Best Handwriting Award

Prakriti Malla, the talented young girl from Nepal who was honoured with the distinction of having the world’s finest handwriting, crafted a congratulatory letter for the leadership and populace of the UAE in celebration of the UAE’s 51st Spirit of the Union. She delivered the letter in person to the embassy during the event.

In 2022, the UAE Embassy in Nepal took to Twitter to recognise Prakriti Malla. The tweet announced that Prakriti Malla, a young girl from Nepal, had been honoured with the World’s Best Handwriting Award in commemoration of the UAE’s 51st Spirit of the Union. Additionally, Prakriti received acknowledgment from UAE Embassy officials.

The viral tweet displays Prakriti Malla’s essay, with each letter meticulously crafted in an exceptionally exquisite fashion. Without a doubt, her handwriting is genuinely enchanting. It wouldn’t be an overstatement to propose that even a ‘computer’ might feel a hint of modesty when witnessing her remarkable penmanship skills.

 Proficient and neatly written handwriting has the potential to create a strong and positive impact on readers, enhancing their reading experience and facilitating a better comprehension of the content. This is why students are encouraged to dedicate effort to improving their cursive writing skills.

In general, people are naturally drawn to well organised and legible handwriting, while disorganised and illegible script tends to be less appealing. This preference for neat and organised penmanship extends beyond personal tastes and can have tangible consequences, especially in academic contexts. During educational evaluations, students who present their responses clearly and neatly, with legible handwriting, often receive more favourable assessments. The reason behind this is that clear handwriting simplifies the task for teachers or examiners, aiding in their understanding and evaluation of the content. Consequently, this leads to a more objective assessment of the student’s work. Thus, the importance of good handwriting transcends aesthetics and holds practical significance, potentially yielding academic advantages.

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