MEMEs About School Every Kid Wants To Share With Friends

Memes for school kids

The current pandemic has certainly changed our world. From going out for a simple long drive to catching up with friends over the weekend, everything strangely invokes nostalgia inside us. Perhaps, one of the biggest blows of the pandemic was to the students. From packing the bags with books to sharing the tiffin to the group study meetups, the current state of the world has made all these mundane things seem like a luxury of normality that every student craves.

So, while we all still fight the pandemic and stay safe in our homes, alternate methods of human interactions are the need of the hour, and what could be more efficient and relatable than funny MEMEs about school and college. Continue reading to check out our list of the latest MEMEs about schools and colleges in India that every kid would want to share with their friend.

1) Competition Between Classes

3 idiots virus every teacher ever meme
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Ahh yes, the age-old line which every student heard from class 1 up to class 12. The MEME uses a still of “Professor Viru” from the movie “3 Idiots”. This MEME is relatable for all students everywhere. Who doesn’t remember the feeling of completion this one line created between different classes? Be it chart competitions, exams results, or Sports Day, this line was an evergreen favorite of teachers.

2) Changing Seats In Classes For The Musical Chair Effect

Teacher and student meme about school and college
Photo Credit: MEME

The changing of the seats by the teacher for discipline purposes was a common theme for most students. Granted most of us always preferred to sit with our closest friends, the best thing about school life is that everyone is each other’s friend, so changing the seats did not help in the end.

3) The Ideal Students

Ideal student meme about school
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We all know them and we all owe them an apology. This MEME perfectly captures the fate of our dear well behaved and quiet classmates who often had to face punishments for no faults of their own. But as the unofficial motto for every class goes “All for one, and one for all”, if the class gets punished, the entire class gets punished together.

4) Homework Problems

School homework meme
Photo Credit: Factory Memes

Where words fail, Joey won’t. The MEME which shows “ Joey” from the popular sitcom “ FRIENDS”, makes us think back to all the times students enter a classroom excitedly to start the day, only for someone to remind them of their forgotten homework. In the end, it doesn’t matter how sincere or focused you are, everyone has at some point forgotten to bring something to school.

5) Exam Season And Toppers

Class topper meme about school
Photo Credit: MEME

Exam season brings with it new stationery, coffee, books filled with notes, and endless promises and connections that are made. Let’s be honest, when the time came, every student scattered to please the topper of the class for some, let’s say extra help, during the exam. In the end, there are some experiences with loyal toppers, and then we have the ones who most probably get super busy to help during the exam ones.

6) Enjoy College

Entering into college meme
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This age-old lie that passes down from generation to generation is like a custom. While we all fully commit ourselves in class 10th, in hopes of enjoying high school, class 11th gives a wake-up call. When you are done working all night long for your class 12th and enter college, soon the fantasy of college breaks, and you are left with real-world education. The “Padai” never stops, you just learn to have fun with it.

7) Real College

college expectations vs reality meme
Photo Credit: AhSeeit

When we were kids it was “Mai Hoon Na”, later it was “ Student of the year”, somehow every student was convinced college would come straight out of movie production with dance sequences and fashionable friends. The reality could not be far from it. While college is a place filled with endless fun and opportunities, it also has the stress of exams and internships. This MEME would probably hit every student with a hint of reality.

8) The Night Study Sessions

drake school meme
Photo Credit: Funny Status

While every student always asks the teacher about assignments and essays well in advance, there are only a few who get to the work early. The superpower of doing a week’s worth of assignments in a night by students usually starts in class 10th and all through high school and college, they become pros at it. Drake in this MEME could have any more relatability.

9) Attendance

college attendance meme
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Be it college or school, every student’s constant worry is attendance. While they are certainly few who will show up to class come hail, rain, or sun, most students spend long periods calculating their attendance and the minimum required number. If you belong to the latter, this MEME from “ Mai Hoon Na” is just for you.

10) Exam Help Group

college meme about school grades
Photo Credit: Reddit

If it “ takes a village” to raise a child, it certainly needs a group to help that child pass its classes. Be it college or school, the endless pages of notes copied from the blackboard, the youtube playlist of the subject, special apps on phone, and Xerox copies from the library are the weapons that every student armors with to get the desired result.

Special MEMES On Online Education:

1) The Mute And Screen Buttons

online school meme
Photo Credit: Pinterest

To avoid any unwanted accidents, a routine check-up of these two buttons during the classes is mandatory. While just to click once on these buttons to switch off is enough, the paranoia of maybe these buttons being open is a recurring issue.

2) Online Classes All-Day

online school meme about attendence
Photo Credit: ScoopWhoop

In our pre-pandemic normal world, school started at 8:00 A.M. and finished at 2:00 P.M. After 2 P.M., students were at their own will to do whatever they would like. Online classes took this liberty away. More often in college classes, it is very easy to feel that the day just continues in a single loop of classes and assignments and this caused a serious problem of mental burnout as well as physical exhaustion in different universities across India.

3) New Excuses

online school meme about excuses
Photo Credit: Mental Floss

This special year all the old excuses like ‘ I forgot my homework’ or ‘I didn’t know what book to bring to class’ were replaced by newlines with the variations in network issues, power cuts, or laptops not working. Like it is said – “ Modern problems require, modern solutions”.

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