Noida Kid requests to buy Thar in Rs 700, Anand Mahindra drops epic reply

Noida Kid requests to buy Thar in Rs 700, Anand Mahindra drops epic reply

In a delightful twist of enthusiasm, a Noida boy has expressed his aspiration to purchase the iconic Thar SUV for a mere ₹700. The audacious wish caught the attention of Anand Mahindra, chairman of the Mahindra Group, who couldn’t resist responding. The heartwarming exchange has sparked widespread interest and amusement, showcasing the charm of youthful dreams and the gracious acknowledgment from industry leaders. Join us as we delve into this endearing tale of automotive aspirations and the whimsical response it garnered.

 Anand Mahindra Reacts, ''We'd Be Bankrupt'': Noida Boy Wants To Buy Thar For ₹ 700.

A kid Asked Rs 700 Thar from Anand Mahindra 

On Sunday, Anand Mahindra, the chairman of Mahindra & Mahindra, showcased his active presence on social media by posting an endearing message about a young boy aspiring to purchase a Thar for ₹700.

 Anand Mahindra Reacts, ''We'd Be Bankrupt'': Noida Boy Wants To Buy Thar For ₹ 700.

The currently trending video highlights a young boy named Cheeku from Noida, asserting the belief that a Mahindra Thar can be acquired for a mere ₹700. Engaging in an adorable conversation with his father, he mistakenly equates the Thar with the XUV 700.

Mahindra’s Epic response

Nevertheless, Anand Mahindra found great amusement in the child’s confusion, as evident from his post, where he mentioned that selling the Mahindra Thar for ₹700 would lead his company to bankruptcy.

“My friend Sooni Taraporevala sent me this saying “I love Cheeku!” So I watched some of his posts on Instagram (@cheekuthenoidakid) and now I love him too. My only problem is that if we validated his claim and sold the Thar for 700 bucks, we’d be bankrupt pretty soon,” wrote Mahindra Chairman.

The child’s amusing remarks not only entertained Anand Mahindra but also captured the attention of social media users. Some online enthusiasts even suggested that Mahindra should consider fulfilling the boy’s desires, while others put forth a business idea aligned with the child’s proposition.

Social Media overflowed With Response

“Good idea to make 700 rs. Thar or XUV 700 toy car and to be gifted with selected models. It will be rage like hot wheels among kids and create a kids fan club,” said  social media user.

Another user proposed that Mahindra could initiate a lucky draw competition for individuals who reserve their XUV 700 by paying just ₹700. The winner of the lucky draw would secure the car for the nominal sum of ₹700, with the overall cost of the car being recuperated through the participation fees of the contestants.

In a heartening turn, Anand Mahindra’s witty response to young Cheeku’s dream of a ₹700 Thar has stirred a delightful online buzz. While the practicality of the wish remains a charming impossibility, the camaraderie between industry giant and aspiring enthusiast resonates. Social media abuzz with suggestions and creative proposals, this feel-good tale showcases the power of youthful exuberance and the lighthearted exchanges that make the digital world a joyous space. Here’s to dreams, laughter, and the unexpected joys of online connections!

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