8 People Share Their Experience Who Encountered Celebrities Randomly


We rarely see Bollywood stars and other well-known people buying at a supermarket or haggling with a street seller. However, we do hope to run into one at an airport. When we do, though, most of us are either star-struck and unable to speak, or we scream our hearts out, finally scaring them away.

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Here are some lucky few who got a once-in-a-lifetime chance to bump into some famous star-struck personalities, and they had some odd but remarkable interactions that they will remember for the rest of their lives.

The Time When A Lucky Soul Bumped With The Force

John Abraham
Times of India

A Twitter user once came up with a selfie, illustrating him with the muscular Bollywood sensation John Abraham. He claimed that he got the opportunity to do so when he was waiting in the food court of the Mumbai Airport. He saw John Abraham sitting alone, and without thinking for another second, he seized the chance to make it a lifetime moment.

Beer, Batata Vada And Paresh Rawal

Paresh Rawal
DNA India

An extraordinary interaction was when a Twitter user claimed that he met with Paresh Rawal while offering him Batata Vada and Beer.

In his post, the fellow user mentions that he was carrying the Batata Vada and beer to the surat station when he was busy with his shoots from Bombay to Ahmedabad. But what was unbelievable and surprising in his post was his claim that he didn’t find THE Paresh Rawal’ interesting’. He also explained his connection with him.

The OG Nana Patekar

Nana Patekar
DNA India

We have all seen how savage Nana Patekar can be on the silver screen. So it’s instead not so hard to imagine his savageness offscreen. That’s what the person in social media has witnessed and shared with us.

He claimed that when he was having a morning brunch with his friends, enjoying the Mumbai street delicacy, Dabeli, a Mitsubishi Lancer, was honking at them. Suddenly he was shocked to see Nana Patekar in the front seat, trying to make the best out of the moment. He nicely waved at him, but the response from the veteran wasn’t called for.

The Uncalled Moment With The King

Shah Rukh Khan
Times of India

Every SRK fan girl fantasizes about the one moment when their king of romance will share a Romantic moment with them. Well, not many got the chance to do so, but it was fortunate for a lucky soul. However, it wasn’t romantic, really something unforgettable.

A crew from an ad commercial in which SRK was a part of the claim that she had to sneak him in at night to the studio because the main gate was locked. So, they carried out a plan that when he arrived at the gate, he would call and signal her with a line “Raat mein kitne Taare hain,” and she had to sing back “Janam hum tumhaare hain.”

A Nap With Actor Prabhu

Prabhu Ganesan

Well, what will happen if you suddenly find out that you are traveling with an acting legend. Take a nap with him? Why, not. At Least that is what a Twitterati claimed in his post.

He was traveling to Chennai from Hyderabad in an Indigo Flight when he shockingly found out that he was the well-known actor of the South Indian Industry, Prabhu Ganesan. He also mentioned in his posts that the actor was lovely to him and asked about his work and life. Later, both of them took a long nap through the entirety of the flight.

Bhai and His BodyGuards

Salman Khan

Memorable moments can stick with you for a while, even for a lifetime. That is what a fellow Twitterati shared with us in her latest post.

She shared a story that her parents told her about their weird interaction with our Bollywood Bhai Salman Khan. Her parents were taking a walk by the seaside, 20 years ago. The Mother saw three men running past and commented to the father, “See these people running, hope these are not purse-snatchers.” To their surprise, those were the bodyguards of Salman khan and Bhai himself. Well, this is the kind of memory that sticks.

A Humble Moment With Kader Khan

Kader Khan

Sometimes, you don’t even realize how lucky you are because you are unaware of your situation. You meet a famous personality, but unfortunately, you don’t know who he is. Kind of a sucker moment, right? When Dr. Soumitra Pathare met with the legendary Kader Khan, this was what happened.

He wrote in his post that when he returned to India after a decade in the UK, he went house-hunting in Pune. A gentleman from the neighborhood invited him for a cup of tea, where he saw numerous trophies and accolades hanging on the wall. When he asked him about them, he said he was Kader Khan. But unfortunately, the Twitterati didn’t recognize him, to which Kader Khan just smiled. Is it humble?

Hrithik! Out Of The Blue!

Hrithik Roshan

A Twitterati shared a breathtaking moment that almost every girl would die for. She claimed that her shopping cart was stuck on the sides of the lifting ridge when she went to a supermarket.

While she was struggling, a tall man with a hoodie walked to her and helped her move the cart to the lift. When she looked up to thank him, there he was, the Greek god, Hrithik Roshan, smiling at her.

Conclusion: Everyone dreams and has fantasies about their celebrity crush, to bump with them somewhere, making it the moment of their lifetime. Not everyone does, but you are a good pair of feet if you do.