Photos From 80s To Prove Bollywood Was Always Met Gala Ready

weird fashion choices by bollywood stars from the 90s

The Met Gala is regarded to be the most exclusive and renowned event in the world. It is one of the biggest fundraising nights in New York City. It is held in New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art as a fundraiser for the Costume Institute. When editor-in-chief Diana Vreeland became a consultant for the Costume Institute in 1973, the Met Gala was met with significant changes and introduced annual themes for the balls. Today, the Met Gala is considered “the jewel in New York City’s social crown.”

The Met Gala is the most absurd homage to fashion and style. When it comes to this event, extravagance is an understatement. One thing has become glaringly evident after looking at the outfits at Met Gala every year that Bollywood of the 80s could easily be the inspiration for the Met Gala.

Met Gala
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With lots of ‘maar-dhaar’, drama, and over-the-top acting, Hindi cinema in the 1980s was mostly masala entertainers. In the 80s, with their ‘adaas’ and style, the stunning heroines added beauty and grace to the mix and stole the hearts of millions of people. From the girl-next-door Neelam to the chulbuli Sridevi, here is the list of Bollywood heroines from the 80s that rule the hearts of millions and prove that Bollywood was always Met Gala ready.

1) With Headgear Like A Chandelier, Rekha Would Have Rocked Multiple Costumes In The Event

rekha's met gala look
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2) Only Rekha Could Rock The Purple Hair With Snake Earrings Like No One’s Business

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3) We Have Heard Something Blue In Foreign Weddings, But All Blue Is Something That Only Rekha Can Pull Off

rekha in blue
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4) There Is Nothing Like Too Much Green When It Comes To Rekha. And, With Golden Accessories, She Would Have Killed It At The Met Gala

rekha in green
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5) Mithun Da Was A Style Icon In The 80s. With His Red Boots And Red Jacket, He Would Have Definitely Turned Some Heads Around

mithun da in red
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6) When It Comes To Period Look, Mithun Da Looks Better Than Perfection In His Braided Hair And Accessories

mithun in period look
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7) Nothing Can Beat Govinda And Juhi’s Metallic Styling In The Met Gala That Is Famous For Their Different Costumes And Styling

govinda and juhi in silver wrapping
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8) It’s Like the 80s Bollywood Was Always Ready To Attend The Met Gala With Their Shiny And Over-The-Top Outfit Like Sridevi’s Green Outfit

sridevi and vinod khanna
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9) Now, It Is Pretty Clear That 80s Bollywood Invented The Monochrome Style.

80s monochrome style
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10) With Their Outrageous Hairdos And Scary Eyes, 80s Bollywood Would Have Killed It In The Met Gala

80s bollywood weird hairdo
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11) Finally, We Got The Perfect Bodysuit To Flaunt In The Met Gala. Undoubtedly, It Will Turn Heads Around In The Event

pooja bhatt body-fitted suit
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12) No Matter What Is The Theme Of The Met Gala, 80s Bollywood Is Always Ready For It

80s bollywood met gala look
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13) And, If You Are A Believer In Minimalism, Then Again, 80s Bollywood Has Got Your Back. Look At Shakti Kapoor Wrapped In A Scarf

shakti kapoor in scarf
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14) We Had Bollywood Queens Of Bling Before The Kardashians. They All Are Met Gala Ready In Their White Costumes

80s bollywood
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15) Bollywood Always Tried To Stick To The Roots. It Can Be Seen In The Costume Of Vinod Khanna As Well.

vinod khanna
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16) From Girl-Next-Door To Warrior Look, 80s Bollywood Can Rock It All. Dimple Kapadia Looks Ravishing In Her Warrior Look With A Weapon In Her Hand

dimple kapadia in warrior look
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17) There Was No Trend That 80s Bollywood Did Not Ace. Even If It Is Twinning. Sridevi And Jaiprada Are Looking Twin Sisters In This Costume

sridevi and jaiprada twinning
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18) 80s Bollywood Fam Was Forever Party-Ready, Wedding-Ready, And Even After-Party Ready. If You Do Not Believe, Look At Mithun Da And Sridevi

mithun and sridevi in wedding look
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19) Finally, We Found Indian Avengers From 80s Bollywood. These Four Famous Celebrities Look Ready To Attend The Event

avengers of 80s bollywood
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20) There Is No Swag Like Desi Swag. This Costume Of Dharmendra Proves That Bollywood’s Fashion Was Clearly Far Ahead Of Its Times

dharmendra in shorts
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These are a few looks from 80s Bollywood that we found amusing and these could have been the perfect outfits for any Met Gala event. Agree?