Quotes by Buddha To Help You Lead A Better Life

collection of gautam buddha quotes to help you in your life

Gautam Buddha was a philosopher, teacher and spiritual leader who renounced his lavish life to seek the truth of life. He attained enlightenment that no normal human being can ever achieve. But we are lucky enough to have got his knowledge in the form of his teachings. His disciples lead a simple and happy life. If you ever get a chance then make sure to visit some Buddhist monastery to experience the serenity in the atmosphere.

We may not follow Buddhism but his teachings are universal enough to consider implementing in our life. The main objective of his teaching is to teach people how to live a simple and happy life. So, if you are seeking the same then here are your answers in the form of Quotes by Buddha. If you follow the advice of Buddha then you will surely have a better life than what you have now.

Quotes By Buddha Are Unbottled Secrets For A Better Life

Buddha said to love yourself because you are worth it.
You deserve your love and affection quote by buddha#29

Trouble always follows an impure mind, so Buddha insisted on purifying your mind.

Speak or act with impure mind quote by buddha#28

Gautam Buddha insisted that a person loses the purpose of living once they fail to work towards the truth. So, never leave it.

Purpose of living explained in this quote by buddha#27

Be true to the best one knows. And you will lead to success! Buddha always knew this secret and his words reflect it.

quote by buddha to express Real Failure in life#26

Everything that is born will die and everything that was started will end. So it’s better for everyone to accept the fact and live with it.

everything that has a beginning has an end quote by buddha#25

Buddha always believed that truth is something that you cannot hide for long because it will come forth one day.

Three Things cannot be long hidden quote by buddha#24

We all have limited time but we seem to ignore the fact always. Maybe these words by Gautam Buddha will help you.

You think you have time quote by buddha#23

Gautam Buddha believed that you tend to lose something only if you cling to it, else you won’t feel the loss.

buddha explains we only lose things we cling to #22

Do you love well? Do you live well? And how deeply do you let go? If you do these things properly then your life will be meaningful as said by the great Buddha.

quote by buddha to point out things that Matter the most in life#21

If you attach to something then you are sure to suffer if you lose it. So Buddha believed it’s better not to get attached to something if you don’t want to suffer and so he gave the quote below:

 quote by buddha showing us the Root of Suffering#20

People often become bitter because of their past experiences, but don’t let the past make you bitter. Rather help it make you better. Buddha always taught his disciples to be a better human being.
Let the past make you better quote by buddha#19

The mind is a very dangerous thing. Gautam Buddha knew it well that if we don’t use our mind well then it may tend to rule us. But he always taught us to rule the mind and win over our life. So follow this quote by Buddha and lead a better life.

Rule your mind quote by buddha#18

Unguarded Thoughts can be your enemy one day, don’t let it harm you else it will be more dangerous than your enemy. Buddha taught us the same in the teaching below:

buddha explains the Worst Enemy of a man in this quote#17

Anger is dangerous. People are often not punished for their anger but they are punished by their anger. A deep saying by Buddha which needs an open mind to understand.

buddha explains that people are punished by Anger#16

We all know to hear something we need to be quiet and listen. But in life, we tend to forget this basic skill. So listen to the saying by Buddha and develop a habit of listening, there’s a lot to listen in this world rather than what we do right now.

buddha's quote to make us realise The importance of listening#15

There’s good in everything, it’s just upon us if we can see it or not. Buddha wanted us to train our mind in a way that we can see good in everything. His thought are evident from the quote below:

buddha urges us to see Good in Everything in this quote#14

Live in the moment, it’s a simple mantra but we tend to ignore. Buddha taught the same in this quote:

Do not dwell in the past suggested by buddha quote#13

The past is gone, the future hasn’t come so Buddha insists everyone to live in the moment we are in. It’s upon us how we understand the quote below:

quote by buddha showing us the Past is Gone #12

In today’s world, it’s common for people to hurt others. Gautam Buddha believed that if someone loves himself truly then he will never think of hurting others. Consider the Quote below by Buddha and we all will have a better life than ever before!

quote by buddha saying people who Truly love themselves can't hurt others#11

On the way to the truth, there are only two mistakes to commit. Buddha answers the mistakes with the Quote below:

two mistakes along the road to truth quote by buddha#10

The way you think, feel and imagine creates the environment around you. So learn from this quote by Buddha and create a better world around yourself.

What you think you become quote by buddha#9

Evil deeds are like poison and it’s always better to avoid them. Learn from this simple quote by Buddha and lead a safe life.

Avoid Evil deeds quote by buddha#8

Humanity can be renewed with Buddha’s three simple truths. Learn these simple truths by Buddha in this Quote below:

triple truth by Buddha for a renewed humanity#7

If you need help with your work then here is the quote for you. Buddha suggests this simple line which will help you in your work life. So read the quote below:

Your work is to Discover your work quote by buddha#6

You won’t always find someone to walk with you in the spiritual path then it’s the time to walk alone. Consider this quote by Buddha and learn what’s best for your life:

Walk Alone in the spiritual path quote by buddha#5

Shed your past is the advice Buddha gives to us. And can we follow that? If yes then follow this quote by Buddha here:

shed your past like a snake saying by buddha#4

Buddha revealed the secret to health for both mind and body in this quote. Live this quote daily to attain eternal happiness:

The Secret of health for body and mind explained by Buddha in this quote

If you don’t want to miss your life then here’s the quote for you. Buddha knew how to stay happy and lead a better life. He left the world to know the truth of life and his teachings are invaluable. So consider this quote by Buddha and have a better life.

don't miss your life quote by buddha


We are responsible for our life and no one else can walk the path for us. True lines that can bring a lot of change in us. Read the quote by Buddha below:

No one saves us but ourselves quote by Buddha


The final truth revealed by Buddha is ultimate and this is something you can understand only if you are in the right state of mind. This is something vulnerable if not practised with caution so be responsible while you act upon this quote by Buddha.

Believe nothing unless it agrees with your reason and common sense quote by buddha