Salary of Hardik Pandya in IPL over the Years will Shock You

Salary of Hardik Pandya in IPL over the Years will Shock You

Now that Hardik Pandya has returned to Mumbai Indians (MI), fans are curious about the amount MI paid to acquire the all-rounder from Gujarat Titans (GT). Hardik remains a crucial player in the Indian Premier League (IPL), where his participation has not only been defined by excellent on-field displays but also by notable increases in his earnings.

Hardik Pandya

Hardik Pandya led Gujarat to a title win in their debut season

The then 28-year-old joined the newly-formed IPL team Gujarat Titans as their captain for a whopping INR 15 Crore, and he achieved considerable success. Pandya led Gujarat to an IPL victory in their first season, showcasing a stellar performance with 487 runs from 15 matches, the highest for his team. As a bowler, he also took eight wickets at an average of 27.75 and an economy of 7.28, making him the second captain in IPL history to win the trophy in the debut season.

After guiding GT to two consecutive IPL finals, Pandya has returned to Mumbai, where he’s expected to carry on Rohit Sharma’s legacy.

Hardik Pandya ’s salary evolution 

In the 2015 IPL season, Hardik Pandya made his debut with the Mumbai Indians. Being a newcomer in the league at that time, he received a modest payment. His earnings for the first season were 10 lakhs INR.

In both the 2016 and 2017 IPL seasons with the Mumbai Indians, Hardik Pandya’s earnings remained consistent. He received a payout of 10 lakhs INR for both the 10th and 11th seasons.

In the 2018 IPL season with the Mumbai Indians, Hardik Pandya, having proven himself as a valuable player received a considerable salary increase. His earnings took a significant leap, reaching 11 crores INR.

Hardik Pandya

In the IPL seasons of 2019, 2020, and 2021 with the Mumbai Indians, Hardik Pandya’s standing as a big-hitting batsman and a dependable bowler continued to rise. His salary also mirrored this, staying within the range of 11 crores INR.

In the 2022 IPL season, a new phase began in Hardik’s career as he chose to leave the MI franchise and became the captain of the recently joined Gujarat Titans. His salary saw a boost, going up by 4 crores INR, making it a total of 15 crores INR.

In the 2023 IPL season with the Gujarat Titans, where he led the team to victory in their first season, Hardik Pandya once more secured a substantial sum of 15 crores INR from the lucrative league.

For the upcoming IPL season in 2024, Mumbai Indians acquired Hardik in a cash deal, trading him from Gujarat Titans. The 30-year-old cricketer is set to receive a salary of 15 crores INR from the MI franchise.

Hardik’s time in the IPL showcases not just his cricket skills but also his increasing financial success in the league. Being one of the top all-rounders in the tournament, his efforts on the field consistently result in a salary that mirrors his advancing position in T20 cricket.

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