Shami slams Marsh for putting feet on World Cup Trophy

Shami slams Marsh for putting feet on World Cup Trophy

Tempers flare as cricketer Shami criticizes Marsh for disrespecting the World Cup Trophy by putting his feet on it. In a heated exchange, Shami slams Marsh’s actions, calling it a breach of cricket etiquette. The incident has sparked a debate among fans, with opinions divided on sportsmanship. This article dives into the controversy, exploring Shami’s outspoken stance and the broader implications for players’ conduct on and off the field. Stay tuned as we unravel the drama surrounding Marsh’s controversial move and the reactions it has triggered in the cricket community.

Shami slams Marsh for putting feet on World Cup Trophy

Mohd Shami ‘s take on WC 2023

Seeing a photo of Mitchell Marsh putting his feet on the World Cup trophy in the dressing room celebration upset Mohd Shami. Pat Cummins posted it on Instagram, and Indian fans felt it disrespected the trophy. Fans express disappointment, stating that the trophy holds significance in India, and deeming it unacceptable for someone to put their feet on it.

Shami slams Marsh for putting feet on World Cup Trophy

Some argue in favor of Marsh, claiming that in Australian culture, disrespecting a World Cup trophy by placing feet on it isn’t a thing. They say it’s an Indian perspective. According to them, Marsh was expressing that the world was now at his feet through this act.

In the midst of various reactions to Marsh’s controversial act, an Indian player from the World Cup squad, Mohammed Shami, expressed his feelings on the incident. Speaking to a group of journalists in India, Shami stated that seeing the trophy treated in such a way hurt him.

I am hurt too!

Shami said, “I am hurt. The trophy for which all the teams in the world fight, the trophy which you want to lift over your head, keeping a foot on that trophy did not make me happy,”

The Indian bowler emerged as the leading wicket-taker in the World Cup, grabbing an impressive 24 wickets in just 7 games. Despite the team’s upset after losing the final, key players like Rohit Sharma, Virat Kohli, and KL Rahul were visibly sad. Prime Minister Narendra Modi entered the dressing room to share motivating words, facing criticism from opposition members. However, Shami insists that Modi’s words played a crucial role in helping the players bounce back from the defeat.

Furthermore, Shami added, “It was very important. At that time, we had lost the match. In such a situation, when the Prime Minister encourages you, it creates a different moment. When your morale is low, having your PM with you boosts confidence.” Shami avoided diving into politics and encouraged folks to focus on cricket discussions rather than bringing politics into the conversation about the sport and the team’s performance.

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