These 7 Indoor Plants Can Change Your Life

Indoor Plants for Home, Money Plant, Snake Plant, Jade Plant
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It is said that planting trees in the house brings greenery and the people living in the house always remain healthy. Do you know that the trees and plants in your house are your luck? Yes, apart from its health benefits it is believed that planting some plants Indoors and Outdoors brings money, progress, and prosperity in life. According to Vastu Shastra, If you also want the deserving fruits or favorable outcomes for your hard work surely put these plants in your living area, indoors and outdoors.

Few Lucky Indoor Plants That Bring Prosperity in Home According to Vastu

1. Money Plant: Best Indoor Plant Believed By Indians and Chinese People

Money Plant, Indoor Plant
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Money Plant is known to have deep roots and vibrant growth, this plant radiates positive energy. This plant is mainly found in Indian and Chinese households. As per Vastu and Feng Shui, the Money Plant should be kept in the Southeast direction of your room as this direction brings wealth and prosperity. The money plant has smooth and round-edged leaves and is said to repel the negative energy and attract wealth.

2. Lucky Bamboo: Best Plant as per Vastu

Lucky Bamboo, Indoor Plant
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The Lucky Bamboo plant holds special significance in terms of attracting prosperity. As the name suggests, Lucky Bamboo which means it brings luck to those who take care of it. This plant can be kept anywhere in the room as it enhances the beauty of the room. It is strongly believed that when kept in the East direction, this plant attracts health, and when kept in the Southeast direction, Lucky Bamboo brings money and prosperity.

3. Jade Plant: Best/Lucky Plant for Living Room

Jade Plant, Indoor Plant
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Jade Plant is the door to property and success. It has small fleshy, thick leaves with broad stems that are fit for any spot in your home. Jade plant needs proper sunlight and water on a weekly basis rest no extra care is required. Jade plants kept in different directions have different benefits. It brings family harmony and health when kept in East locations. When kept in the western direction, it brings creativity and children luck. In southeast locations, it brings wealth.

4. Spider Plant: Benefits of Spider Plant

Spider Plant, Indoor Plants
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Spider plants are believed to bring luck and good fortune because of their natural, strong, and long vine. It is believed to bring stability into life. Spider plant also helps clean indoor air by absorbing chemicals in the atmosphere.  Therefore, keeping this plant in our bedroom, can prevent respiratory problems and help us sleep better.

5. Snake Plant

Snake Plant, Indoor Plant
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Don’t go by the name. Snake Plant is one of the most vibrant plants that radiates so much positive energy, it is also known as ‘Saap ka Paudha‘. It is believed that keeping this plant in a secluded place is more good than is away from any other indoor plant. Also called the ‘Mother in Law’s Tongue,’ this plant is said to absorb poisonous toxins from the air. This is a maintenance plant. The right direction of the snake plant as per Vastu principles is the south, east, and southeastern corners of the house.

6. Areca Palm Plant

Areca Palm Plant, Indoor Plant
Photo Credit: Dharmik Gardens

Whether it comes to choosing the best plant for home decor or a lucky plant, the Areca Plam plant is considered to be everyone’s top pick. According to Vastu Shastra and Feng Shui palms are known to bring wealth, happiness, luck, and hope. The reason is that the plant can attract positive chi energy and activate any missing Feng Shui elements. Placing it in the South-East direction of your room helps reduce stress, anxiety, and several sleep disorders.

7. Rubber Plant

Rubber Plant, Indoor Plant
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The best advantage of this plant is that it brings prosperity and positivity in any direction it is kept. Rubber Plants or Ficus Elastica have thick, waxy, and round-shaped foliage that represents abundance, happiness, and wealth. According to Vastu, this plant fosters luck and an increase in wealth when placed exactly in the wealth area (South-west).