Uninvited 2 youths intruded a wedding in 3 idiots style but ended up in jail

Uninvited 2 youths intruded a wedding in 3 idiots style but ended up in jail

In an unexpected turn of events, a group of uninvited guests disrupted a wedding celebration, leading to their arrest by the police. The gatecrashers without any prior invitation brazenly entered the festivities causing a commotion. The incident unfolded with the police intervening to apprehend the intruders, revealing the audacious manner in which these uninvited ‘guests’ disrupted the wedding. This intrusion not only startled the attendees but also raises questions about security measures at private events and the potential consequences for those who breach such gatherings.

Uninvited Intruders arrested at the Wedding

Scenes like Bollywood Movies Wedding

In a celebrated scene from the iconic Hindi film ‘3 Idiots,’ Ranchoddas Chanchad, Raju Rastogi, and Farhan Qureshi, students of the brilliant Professor Viru Sahastrabuddhe, crash his daughter’s wedding uninvited. Recognized but cleverly evading arrest, their escapades at the celebration unfold in a comedic twist, leaving audiences in stitches.

Uninvited Intruders arrested at the Wedding

Two youths without an invitation landed in jail after crashing a wedding banquet held in a lawn in Sarojininagar, Lucknow, on Sunday night. According to Shailendra Giri, the in-charge inspector of Sarojininagar police station, both accused who gatecrashed the wedding and created a commotion on stage, have been arrested without prior notice. On Monday, the court remanded both the accused in judicial custody.

Uninvited Guests Steal the Show

Entering the wedding ceremony without invitations, Rakesh Yadav from Para’s Sarosa Bharosa and Dheer Yadav from Mahmoodpur took part in the festivities. After enjoying a substantial meal, the duo developed an interest in dancing. Carrying an unauthorized 315 bore rifle and cartridges, both culprits joined the celebration, creating a commotion by brandishing the rifle on stage and engaging in a dance.

Uninvited Intruders arrested at the Wedding

According to the manager of the lawn, one party complained about the actions of both youths. When questioned, the youths assertively claimed they were invited on behalf of the girl, justifying their presence at the wedding. However, when the girl’s side was questioned, she denied knowing them. Subsequently, the accused young men began insisting on inviting the girl’s family. After verifying their identity with the girl’s family, the true intentions of the accused were revealed.

Intruders arrested by Police

After both parties denied recognizing the accused, the lawn manager promptly informed the Sarojininagar police station. In front of the police officers, the two youths quickly admitted to attending the wedding without an invitation. The police arrested both of them. The accused, Rakesh, had a locally made pistol with a .315 bore, one cartridge, and two cartridges with Dheer. Police confiscated the weapons.

This surprising wedding crash highlights the need for enhanced security at private events. It also serves as a reminder that gatecrashing comes with consequences. Who amongst us haven’t gatecrashed the wedding though? The incident, reminiscent of a Three Idiots plot, adds a touch of reality to the unexpected twists that can unfold during celebrations. What are your thoughts on this wedding disruption? Share your comments and stay tuned for more tales of the unexpected.

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