Video of Doctors consuming Alcohol in ‘Dry State’ Bihar goes Viral

Video of Doctors consuming Alcohol in 'Dry State' Bihar goes Viral

A shocking video has surfaced depicting doctors consuming alcohol in Bihar, a state known for its strict prohibition laws. The viral footage has ignited controversy, prompting concerns about professional conduct and ethical standards within the medical community. Join us as we explore the unfolding situation, delving into the potential repercussions for healthcare professionals in Bihar and the broader implications of such actions in a region with stringent alcohol restrictions.

Video of Doctors consuming Alcohol in 'Dry State' Bihar goes Viral

Doctors consuming alcohol

A video depicting doctors consuming alcohol in the dry state of Bihar has circulated widely on various social media platforms. Pappu Yadav, the chief of Jan Adhikar Party (JAP), shared images of the incident on his X account.

Pappu Yadav accused the Darbhanga Medical College and Hospital (DMCH) of serving as a “adda for sharab, shabab and Kabab (hub for women, wine & dine)” He asserted that it functioned as a gathering place for such activities. Pappu Yadav claimed to have witnessed this himself when he received treatment while incarcerated.

Video of Doctors consuming Alcohol in 'Dry State' Bihar goes Viral

On X, Pappu Yadav brought attention to what he sees as a double standard in Bihar’s liquor prohibition laws. He questioned whether there is a distinct set of rules for the poor compared to the DMCH principal and doctors. Pappu Yadav shared a photo of the incident, stating, “There is a separate law for prohibition of liquor for the poor in Bihar and Is there a separate law for DMCH principal and doctors? Liquor was being served at the Pedicon conference in Darbhanga. The doctors were enjoying, the administration was sleeping, how long will this continue?? Chief Minister Nitish Kumar, please take cognizance (sic).”

All about the viral video

The viral videos and photos depicted a house party within the guest house of Darbhanga Medical College and Hospital (DMCH). The gathering was disrupted when someone entered with a camera.

The visuals of the incident revealed sealed imported liquor bottles scattered on the floor, abandoned by those consuming it who hastily left upon noticing the camera.

Significantly, the captured viral frame within the guest house of DMCH featured principal Dr. KN Mishra.

Dharbhanga Police took swift action against Doctors

Responding to the viral visuals of medical professionals consuming alcohol in the dry state, Darbhanga Police took swift action. The incident occurred during the ongoing Pedicon 2023, organized at DMCH from December 14 to December 17.

Amit Kumar, Sub-Divisional Police Officer, Darbhanga, confirmed the authenticity of the viral visuals. He informed India Today TV that raids were conducted at DMCH after the video surfaced, resulting in the discovery of three bottles of foreign-made liquor. He stated, “It is claimed that a liquor party was organised on DMCH campus. All video evidence will be examined and people concerned questioned.”

Dharbhanga Police took action against Doctors

DMHC in headlines

Intriguingly, DMCH grabbed headlines as its autonomy became a point of contention between the state government and the Centre, causing controversy surrounding the establishment of the proposed AIIMS in Darbhanga.

The initially proposed location for Darbhanga AIIMS was on the same campus as DMCH but faced relocation to a ‘low-lying’ area due to concerns regarding the autonomy of the existing medical college.

Subsequently, a health ministry team that conducted a ground inspection in Darbhanga in April deemed the relocated plot unsuitable for the construction of AIIMS. The project has since been left in limbo.

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