Zomato Replies To Customer Claim Himself as Bhupendra Jogi

Zomato Gives Epic Reply To Customer Claiming Himself as Bhupendra Jogi

In a display of digital amusement, Zomato, the renowned food delivery purveyor, recently graced Instagram with a captivating glimpse into an intriguing chat exchange, sparking widespread viral fervour. This shared conversation, nestled within the realms of cyberspace, featured not one, but two viral sensations: the enigmatic ‘Bhupendra Jogi’ and the ubiquitous ‘Aayein’ memes.

Zomato Gives Epic Reply To Customer Claiming Himself as Bhupendra Jogi

Zomato, with an innate penchant for culinary excellence, unveiled this captivating dialogue with a valued patron named Ritik. In the exchange, Ritik, with an epicurean fervour, inquired about the possibility of customising one among the myriad delectable dishes he had ordered. With poise and professionalism, Zomato responded, expressing the intent to liaise with their esteemed restaurant partner, all while extending an inquiry regarding the dish’s nomenclature.


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 However, what ensued was nothing short of digital hilarity. Ritik, demonstrating a delightful playfulness, responded with a singular phrase: “Bhupendra Jogi.” This whimsical rejoinder not only left Zomato amused but also became the epicentre of a viral phenomenon, eliciting chuckles and mirth from countless online onlookers.

Zomato’s Hilarious Customer Interaction Takes Social Media by Storm

Zomato recently shared an interesting chat on Instagram that quickly went viral. In this chat, a customer named Ritik asked if he could customize one of the dishes he had ordered. Zomato responded professionally, expressing their willingness to check with the restaurant and asking for the dish’s name.

Ritik playfully responded with the phrase “Bhupendra Jogi,” which sparked laughter and amusement. Zomato posted this chat screenshot on their Instagram with a simple caption, “Baigan,” which means “eggplant.” This post quickly gained 17,500 likes within a day, and many people found it amusing.

The jest, captured in a screenshot, found its way onto Zomato’s Instagram canvas, accompanied by the succinct yet intriguing caption, “Baigan.” This witty snippet swiftly captured the imagination of the online denizens, amassing a staggering 17,500 likes within a mere day of its inception. As the numbers continue their ascent, an array of commentary from amused netizens adorns the digital tapestry, underscoring the universal appeal of this delightful exchange.

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In essence, this seemingly mundane chat metamorphosed into an internet sensation, weaving a tapestry of amusement and camaraderie among those who beheld its charm, thus reaffirming the power of digital connectivity to evoke laughter and joy across the digital landscape.

Zomato’s Instagram Post Sparks Playful Conversations

The Instagram post ignited a spirited outpouring of responses from the intrigued audience, each comment carrying its own unique flavor of curiosity and jest. Here are some reactions:

An individual asked, “US me Zomato chalta hai? (Does Zomato operate in the US?)”

“Kaha kaha ghooma hai Zomato guy ne? (What all places Zomato guy has travelled?)” wrote another.

A third joked, “Aapka favourite subject konsa hai? (What is your favourite subject?)”

“What if Bhupendra Jogi is still confused about what’s going on?” remarked a fourth.

A fifth shared, “Zomato, you are too funny.”

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