6 Bollywood Celebrities And Their Ugly Slap Story


The media is no stranger to promoting controversies, and for some reason, celebrity life is their favorite topic. Paparazzi are everywhere, from capturing the most memorable moments for celebs to the most embarrassing and awkward moments.

Here is a list of celebrities with their most ugly slap stories.

1. A Stranger Slapped Gauhar Khan

Gauhar Khan
Photo Credit: The independent

Gauhar Khan, the winner of Bigg Boss, an Indian actress, and model, was publicly slapped by her fan on India’s Raw Star Grand Finale for wearing short clothes. This incident took an ugly turn, and many renowned actors like Priyanka Chopra stood for Gauhar khan. Soon the man was captured and taken into custody. It is degrading when such people independently shame women for wearing short dresses even in the 21st century.

2. Rakhi Slapped Her Ex-Boyfriend

Rakhi Sawant
Photo Credit: Dailymotion

Rakhi Sawant has always been in the limelight for strange and underwhelming reasons. When Abhishek, her ex-boyfriend, tried to make a public apology to Rakhi, it wasn’t well received. Rakhi slapped him in front of the media and called security on him. Though many people still believe it was a publicity stunt.

3. Arjun Kapoor Slaps Radio Mirchi RJ

Arjun Kapoor
Photo Credit: You Tube

Arjun Kapoor has always been a hit-or-miss actor. Though nepotism talk doesn’t help him, the media is always after him. He garnered headlines when he slapped an RJ of Radio Mirchi during an interview on the April Fools day program. RJ got under Arjun’s nerve when he asked, “why is he performing ‘ladki-wale’ characters.” and immediately was slapped. However, it was revealed to be an April fool’s prank and was said to be scripted.

4. Govinda Loses His Cool

Photo Credit: You Tube

The 90’s superstar Govinda was shooting for Ganesh Acharya’s comedy film ‘Money hai toh honey hai’ in Filmistan studio, Gurugram. There he lost his cool and slapped a man who he said was misbehaving on the set. Later Govinda gave a public apology and said he couldn’t control himself.

5. Rakhi Sawant’s Friend Slaps A Director

Rakhi's friend
Photo Credit: Daily Mail

When there is Rakhi Sawant, there is controversy. One of her friends smashed director Sachendra Sharma during the promotions of ‘Mumbai can dance Saala.’ She also accused the director of demanding favors. In the center of this, Rakhi stood with her friend and said that all the allegations were true. The director refused all charges and blamed Rakhi and her friend for creating an unnecessary controversy for a publicity stunt.

6. Raja Chaudhary Slapped Abhinav Kohli

Raja Chaudhary
Photo Credit: BollyBytes

Raja Chaudhary is an Indian television actor, writer, and producer. And also, he is the ex-husband of the famous Shweta Tiwari. Though many people keep different opinions about him, he was criticized for abusing Shewta’s mother. Abhinav Kohli, Shewta’s spouse, filed a complaint against him for his rude behavior, but Chaudhary got furious and slapped Kohli in front of the media and police.

Such incidents are funny for some and disgusting for others, but in reality, these incidents are nothing but disappointing. 

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