21 Food Items That Will Make Every 90’s Kid Nostalgic


You may grow old, but you will never grow old enough for the 90’s food items. It is time when ‘those were the days.’ is not a dialogue only for ‘boomers.’ But seriously, those were the days when we used to open up our launch boxes. The magical treat used to lighten up our hearts. Let us take you back to the memory lane of childhood and happiness.

So, here is the list of food items that will make every 90s kid nostalgic.

1. Chocki

Chocki Food items
Photo Credit: Chai Bisket

These delicious chocolate sips used to make every kid drooled for one more.

2. Poppins

Poppins Food items
Photo Credit: Kiraanastore

This fruit candy had everything, from six flavors to an iconic tagline- ‘Kya loge?’ It has won many hearts over the year.

3. Icy Pepsi Sticks

icy cola
Photo Credit: WordPress.com

Every kid used to save money to buy these sticks. They were the definition of refreshment back in the days.

4. Chocos

Photo Credit: Storypick

Not the chocos you get today, but these biscuits were the best milk biscuits.

5. Rola-Cola

rola cola
Photo Credit: Exchange4media

It is impossible to eat your soda, but Rola-cola back in the 90s used to taste precisely like Coca-cola.

6. Big Babol

Big Babol
Photo Credit: India TV

It was hard to convince parents to buy us chewing gums, but Big Babol used to be our only choice when they agreed.

7. Blue Pepsi

Blue Pepsi
Photo Credit: WarPaint Journal-

For today’s generation, it would be hard to believe how much we care about blue Pepsi.

8. Boomer

Photo Credit: Afaqs

The second chewing gum on our list. Every kid fell in love with boomer’s advertisements, their song, and the fruity taste.

9. Wowie

Photo Credit: Behance

Dairy milk still exists, but Wowie was something different. We used to carefully eat this chocolate so that we could eat the character at last.

10. Bytes

Photo Credit: ThePrint

This crunchy chocolate treat was something out of the world. No lays or uncle chips could beat the sweet little chocolate flavor with each bite.

11. Pan Pasand

Pan Pasand
Photo Credit: Facebook

Though it may not be the best, still kids somehow ended up eating it. For some, it was a disaster, and for others, it was the best thing.

12. Mango Bytes

Photo Credit: Marketing Mind

For every birthday party, mango bytes treats used to enlighten us with joy. The fruity mango flavor with this toffee is still unmatched.

13. Gingerbread Sandwich

Photo Credit: Talking retail

It still is the best ice-cream biscuits. Believe me; it is not nostalgia. These are the best.

14. Phantom sweet cigarettes

Photo Credit: India Today

Well, the idea is horrible, but the taste isn’t great either. But somehow, these sweet cigarettes used to define joy back in those days. Many kids used to pretend to be adults when these were in their hands.

15. Milo

Photo Credit: You Tube

Pretty sure that every household used to have this. Mothers were pretty clear that Milo is super healthy for their kids.

16. Bistix

Photo Credit: Entertales

This greedy bistix had wholesome biscuit sticks and fruity dips. They were quite a treat to have after lunch.

17. Cheetos whoosh

Cheetos whoosh
Photo Credit: Entertales

This snack was not the best, but we use to buy it for tazos inside it. It used to be pretty fun to compare each other tazos at school.

18. Whistle Pops

Photo Credit: -Wikipedia

First eat it and then blow whistles all day. This candy was delicious and fun- a perfect combo to excite kids.

19. Mentos Marbles

Photo Credit: Twitter

They were juicy, they were tiny, and they were colorful. One packet was never enough, but it tasted better when shared.

20. Wonder Balls

Photo Credit: Sites at Penn State

The 90s version of Kinder joy is Wonder Balls. Cool, exciting toys and full stomach chocolate.

21. Diptrix

Photo Credit: Entertales

Another treat that includes Dips and Sticks in the list, but this time, flavors are not just fruits but also chocolate. They were delightful too, but we had to manage not to finish the dip before the sticks.

There are many more items that made our childhood awesome. We can only wish to return back in those days.

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