Cricket World Cup 2023: An Overview of Key Fixtures and Highlights

ICC Cricket World Cup 2023

World Cup 2023

As the craze for Cricket World Cup 2023 continues, India seems to be taking complete advantage of playing on the home ground. With no defeats to its accounts, India’s performance in the World Cup has been phenomenal so far. However, the defending champions, the England team, aren’t putting up a great show. Meanwhile, South Africa has surprised everyone with their powerful gameplay on the field, moving them up several positions on the points table.

Another major team making history on the Indian cricket field is the Afghanistan team. With superb teamwork and hardcore determination to conquer each game, the team is gradually moving forward in the tournament. With daily adrenaline-pumping matches, do not miss a chance to bet via online platforms like Fun88 and earn many cash prizes. Stay updated with the upcoming Cricket World Cup 2023 schedule and some prominent match results highlights.

ICC Cricket World Cup 2023: Latest Team Positions on the Points Table

If you are interested in the Cricket World Cup 2023 schedule and aim to place your bets on strong teams, the points table below will help you make consistent winning betting decisions:

Team Rank Team Matches Won Matches Lost Net Run Rate Points
1 India (Q) 9 0 +2.570 18
2 South Africa (Q) 7 2 +1.261 14
3 Australia (Q) 7 2 +0.841 14
4 New Zealand (Q) 5 4 +0.743 10
5 Pakistan (E) 4 5 -0.199 8
6 Afghanistan (E) 4 5 -0.336 8
7 England (E) 3 6 -0.572 6
8 Bangladesh (E) 2 7 -1.087 4
9 Sri Lanka (E) 2 7 -1.419 4
10 Netherlands (E) 2 7 -1.825 4

When you make a move on World Cup 2023, you must review the points table, primarily the points and the net run rate, which make a big difference. Reviewing the points table will help you frame your strategies better and help predict the upcoming outcomes easily.

Cricket World Cup 2023 Schedule: Upcoming Key Fixtures

To win bets, you must be updated with the latest key fixtures of the upcoming matches. Thus, when you bet on World Cup 2023 matches, have a glance at the following fixtures:

Date Teams Playing Venue Time
31/10/2023 Pakistan vs Bangladesh Eden Gardens 02.00 pm
01/11/2023 New Zealand vs South Africa MCA International Stadium 02.00 pm
02/11/2023 India vs Sri Lanka Wankhede Stadium 02.00 pm
03/11/2023 Netherland vs Afghanistan BRSABVE Cricket Stadium 02.00 pm
04/11/2023 New Zealand vs Pakistan M. Chinnaswamy Stadium 10.30 am
04/11/2023 England vs Australia Narendra Modi Stadium 02.00 pm
05/11/2023 India vs South Africa Eden Gardens 02.00 pm
06/11/2023 Bangladesh vs Sri Lanka Arun Jaitley Stadium 02.00 pm
07/11/2023 Australia vs Afghanistan Wankhede Stadium 02.00 pm
08/11/2023 England vs Netherlands MCA International Stadium 02.00 pm
09/11/2023 New Zealand vs Sri Lanka M. Chinnaswamy Stadium 02.00 pm
10/11/2023 South Africa vs Afghanistan Narendra Modi Stadium 02.00 pm
11/11/2023 Australia vs Bangladesh MCA International Stadium 10.30 am
11/11/2023 England vs Pakistan Eden Gardens 02.00 pm
12/11/2023 India vs Netherlands M. Chinnaswamy Stadium 02.00 pm
15/11/2023 Teams to be Decided (Semi-Final) Wankhede Stadium 02.00 pm
16/11/2023 Teams to be Decided (Semi-Final) Eden Gardens 02.00 pm
19/11/2023 Teams to be Decided (Final) Narendra Modi Stadium 02.00 pm

Referring to the above Cricket World Cup 2023 schedule is important as it gives you a complete overview of the teams playing against each other in the upcoming matches. Accordingly, you can make betting strategies and allocate your finances to grab maximum opportunities, winning multiple bets.

ICC World Cup 2023: Some Prominent Results

The above-mentioned Cricket World Cup 2023 schedule reflects the upcoming matches in the tournament. But there have been some prominent matches that have been intriguing. Thus, to make informed betting decisions in the future, you can refer to the results given below of a few select matches that took everyone by surprise and delight:

Date Results
05/10/2023 Opening Match: New Zealand defeated England by 9 wickets
08/10/2023 India defeated Australia by 6 wickets
12/10/2023 South Africa defeated Australia by 134 runs
14/10/2023 India defeated Pakistan by 7 wickets
15/10/2023 Afghanistan defeated England by 69 runs
21/10/2023 South Africa defeated England by 229 runs
27/10/2023 South Africa defeated Pakistan by 1 wicket
29/10/2023 India won over England by 100 runs


Thus, as the cricket fever is in full swing, cricket fans worldwide are excited to know who will finally win this battle. If you are a cricket enthusiast, exploit the opportunity by placing bets via online platforms and winning many alluring rewards. Review the Cricket World Cup 2023 schedule, points table and prominent match results before placing a bet. So why wait any further? Place your bets on the Cricket World Cup today and be more than just a viewer.

Note: The information provided is as on 29th October 2023.