Rachin Ravindra’s father clears the air hovering on his son’s name

Rachin Ravindra's father clears the air hovering on his son's name

As the cricketing world buzzes with speculations and curiosity surrounding emerging talents Rachin Ravindra, a promising player from New Zealand has been a recent focal point of discussion. However, the excitement and inquiries regarding Rachin have prompted his father to step forward and clear the air around his son’s name.

In a bid to address the swirling conjectures and provide insights into Ravindra’s journey and aspirations, his father has taken the forefront, shedding light on the young cricketer’s background, dedication, and the path that lies ahead. Join us as we unravel the narrative spun by Ravindra’s father, offering a glimpse into the cricketing prodigy’s life and the untold stories that accompany his rising star.

Rachin Ravindra, the standout performer for New Zealand in the World Cup has emerged as a significant revelation in the tournament. Apart from playing a pivotal role in guiding New Zealand to the semi-finals, he achieved the remarkable feat of surpassing Sachin Tendulkar’s record as the youngest player to score 500 runs in a single edition of the World Cup. As he made his mark in international cricket, his first name, “Rachin,” garnered attention. There was a prevalent belief that his name was a blend of Rahul Dravid and Sachin Tendulkar, combining the “Ra” from Rahul and “Chin” from Sachin.

Rachin Ravindra’s Father About The Name

Years later Rachin’s father, Ravi Krishnamurthy revealed that they discovered it was merely a coincidence. In an interview with The Print, he mentioned, “When Rachin was born, my wife proposed the name and we didn’t deliberate extensively. The name had a pleasant sound, was easily spelled and concise so we opted for it. It was only after some years that we realized the name unintentionally combined elements of Rahul and Sachin’s names. Our intention was not to name him with the goal of molding our child into a cricketer or anything similar.”

Before relocating to New Zealand his father, Ravi Krishnamurthy actively participated in cricket within the Bangalore circuit. Rachin Ravindra, prior to making his mark in international cricket, represented the New Zealand under-19 side. Ahead of the semi-final against India on Wednesday, Rachin, a prominent run-scorer in the tournament with three centuries, expressed, “We will maintain composure, and we will give our best effort.”


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Seeking blessings, he visited his grandparents’ house in Bengaluru. India is set for its fourth successive World Cup semifinal appearance. Notably, in the previous World Cup in 2019, India faced defeat against New Zealand in the semifinals. The Kiwis experienced a similar fate in the 2015 World Cup final against Australia at the MCG and again in the 2019 final against England at Lord’s. Despite significant injuries to key players, the Blackcaps credit their knockout success to the squad’s depth. Rachin Ravindra expressed, “It demonstrates the depth in our squad. We’ve faced unfortunate injuries, and we empathise with the players who couldn’t participate.”

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