Danish Kaneria Slams Irfan Pathan For His Gaza Tweet

Danish Kaneria Slams Irfan Pathan For His Gaza Tweet

Irfan Pathan called on world leaders to put an end to the ‘senseless killing’ of innocent children in Gaza on Friday, 3rd November. Using his X account, he called for the restoration of peace, particularly in the war-ravaged Gaza.

Irfan Pathan urged world leaders to come together to halt the senseless violence occurring in Gaza, highlighting the tragic loss of innocent children’s lives while the world watches the devastation unfold. His post on X quickly gained popularity as people commended Irfan for using his significant following to advocate for the right cause and promote peace.

Thousands of people in Gaza have been killed as Israel’s war with Hamas has raged on. The violence began after Hamas militants sneaked into Israeli territory and attacked as well as abducted several people.

Pathan, in a post on Twitter, now rebranded as ‘X’, wrote, “Every day, innocent kids aged 0-10 in Gaza are losing lives and the world remains silent. As a sportsman, I can only speak out, but it’s high time for world leaders to unite and put an end to this senseless killing.
@UN #StopTheViolence #GazaChildren.”

Irfan Pathan’s post on Friday triggered a strong response from internet users who accused the cricketer of inconsistency. They pointed out that he remained silent when Hamas carried out attacks on Israelis, but now, he is urging world leaders to unite and stop the “senseless killing” when Israel is taking action with the stated goal of ending Hamas terrorism.

Danish Kaneria, a former Pakistani cricketer and only the second Hindu from Pakistan to represent the national cricket team, shared Irfan’s post on his X account. He called on the Indian pacer to also advocate for the rights of Hindus in Pakistan who have experienced discrimination in their neighbouring country.

Danish has been vocal about the mistreatment of Hindus in Pakistan, despite it being an Islamic nation, for a significant period of time. The former leg-spinner has accused several past cricketing greats from Pakistan, including Shahid Afridi, of displaying discrimination in the dressing room during his playing days.

Danish expressed, “Irfan bhai, I’m happy that you understand the pain of children, and I stand with you on that. But please do speak about Pakistani Hindus as well. The situation is not very different here in Pakistan.”

In response, Irfan conveyed his hope for the eradication of all evils in the world. The former Indian cricketer stated, “Sure Brother Danish, glad you are standing with me on this topic. let’s talk about all the evil around the world so hopefully we can eliminate wrong doings  regardless of any faith.”

Over the past year, Irfan has garnered a few critics in Pakistan due to his posts on X, where he playfully teases fans of the Pakistan cricket team. Irfan has previously mentioned how Pakistani fans often express their frustration by breaking their television sets when Pakistan loses to India in cricket matches.

In response, when Pakistan performs well against India, Pakistani fans engage in friendly banter with him on social media. However, the Indian cricket community views this banter as light-hearted exchanges between Irfan and Pakistani fans, without attaching any deeper significance to it.

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