Famous Seven Wonders Of India You Must Know About

Seven wonders of India, Golden Temple, Taj Mahal
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In today’s scenario, Technology is ruling almost everything and every sector. But even now there exists something so powerful and creative that even Technology can’t beat it. Humans! Yes, you heard that right. Humans have great capability to think creatively and come up with the best solution. Similarly, when it comes to some mesmerizing monuments of our India. How can we forget about the Seven Wonders of India that humans have given us? Few incredible inventions and creations of humans have forced people to think about how could they have been created because the technology of ancient times was not as par with expectations.

In this article, we have mentioned about 7 wonders of India that are famous due to their vastness and strangeness, some of them were built in ancient times while some wonders have been built in the modern era.

1. Golden Temple

Golden Temple, Amritsar, India
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The Golden Temple, the pilgrimage site of the Sikh community, is located in Amritsar, Punjab. It is also popularly known as the house of God. It is also believed that this temple is one of the oldest Gurudwara of the Sikh community. The delicious Langar made in this gurudwara is distributed among all the devotees. This

This Gurudwara not only holds its religious significance in India but also devotees from all over the world visit here. It is also regarded as one of the most visited places in India. The lake all around this gurudwara enhances the beauty of this place. This entire temple has been built on a very large scale.

2. Taj Mahal

Taj Mahal
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The Taj Mahal situated in Agra is also one of the seven wonders of the world. Let us tell you that this Taj Mahal was built by the Mughal emperor Shah Jahan in memory of his wife Mumtaz. The Taj Mahal, an example of beautiful artwork, was built in 1632. It took about 22 years to build it.

To build this Taj Mahal, Shah Jahan had ordered white marble stones from all over the world. The Taj Mahal is made of white marble is completely white and there is a garden around it. Tourists from all over the world keep coming to see it.

3. Konark Sun Temple

Konark Sun Temple
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It is believed that this temple was built in the 13th century. This temple is popularly known by the name Black Pagoda. This place is a true example of what amazing architecture looks like. This temple is considered as one of the largest temples in India. However, with time, this temple is losing its beauty and originality.

The special structure of this temple is being carried towards the sky by seven horses, and at the starting point of this temple, you will get to see the statues of lions and elephants.

4. Hampi

Hampi: Where heritage meets nature
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Hampi is another essential religious hub in the country. This temple is situated in the city of Vijayanagara in northern Karnataka. It is widely famous due to its marvelous architecture. Almost every part of Indian architecture can be witnessed in this temple. Here one can also see an amazing collection of towers, palaces, and stables along with many types of sculptures. It is also believed that during the time of Ramayan Lord Rama and his younger brother Laksham visited this temple in search of Mother Sita.

5. Nalanda

Nalanda University
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Nalanda University is one of the most renowned universities in India. Today it is no less than a wonder of India. This historical university is located in the Magadha region, 100 kilometers away from the capital of Bihar state of India. The exact age of this university is still unclear and unknown. But the interesting fact about this university is that the famous astronaut and mathematician who introduced the world to the concept of Zero had been a teacher at Nalanda University.  It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Which has become a tourist destination for thousands of people. Nalanda district is also known as Biharsharif.

6. Khajuraho

Khajuraho Temple
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The Khajuraho is an ancient place situated in the Chattarpur district of Madhya Pradesh having numerous magnificent temples. This place holds its religious significance both in India and abroad. It is widely known for its magnificent architecture and sculptures of Hindu and Jain religions. Along with this, there are also UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Khajuraho temple site had 85 temples during the 12th century spread over 20 square kilometers. Among these, only 25 temples have survived the course of time, spread over six square kilometers. Tourists from all over the world visit here to see the beauty of this place.

7. Shravanabelagola or Gomateshwara

 Shravanabelagola-Gomateshwara  Statue

Photo Credit: Atma NirvanaThis statue is known as Jain saint Bahubali, which is a monolithic statue carved from a single stone, located on the top of Chandragiri hill near Shravanabelagola city of Karnataka state.It’s a nice historical place to visit.  The Main attraction is the Statue of Mahubali which is 80 feet long. One needs to climb around 600 steps. This statue was built around 983 AD by Chamundaraya, a minister of Ganga king Rachamal.

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