Girl goes viral for taking ‘live filter’ selfie with late father photo

Girl goes viral for taking live filter selfie with late father photo

Viral video: In the digital age, the internet exposes people to unimaginable situations. A vlogger captures moments of grief after losing a father, while another documents his grandfather’s last rites. This raises concerns about the sensitivity prevailing in the realm of social media. A recent incident contributes to this discourse, showing a girl taking a selfie. With a live filter using a photo of her deceased father.

What’s inside the viral video

In the video, she amusingly incorporates live filters like the ‘dog’ filter. And another elaborate one, all the while standing next to her deceased father’s framed photograph adorned with a garland. The applied filters, combined with the entire episode documented in selfie mode, have ignited a buzz on the internet.

Netizens reaction on Viral video

This video gained traction on social media as it depicts the girl using a live filter alongside her father’s image, complete with a dog filter. She adorned the photo of her deceased father with a garland. The video circulated on various social media platforms, prompting comments from users. One remarked, “Yeh to moy moy ho gaya,” while another expressed, “Friends, use everything, leave nothing for this generation.”

Viral video

A third user expressed strong disapproval, stating, “This is the worst video I have ever seen in my life.” Conversely, some individuals didn’t perceive anything inappropriate in the video. One user defended the girl, stating, “I don’t find anything wrong in this… maybe she is missing her father. Even though he is no more, she is still spending some time with him.” Another user offered a nuanced perspective, saying, “Happiness and sadness at the same time. The girl captioned the video with ‘Baba,’ indicating that she believes the person in the picture is her father.


Digital age

The incident reflects the continuously changing landscape of online content, where moments traditionally regarded as private are now shared digitally, eliciting varied online reactions. The video has become a focal point for conversations. About navigating the delicate balance between personal expressions and societal norms in the digital age.

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