Famous Quotes by Gulzar Saab You Can Relate To

list of famous quotes by gulzar saab

Gulzar has tugged at our heartstrings with his deep and soulful Shayaris. There must be at least one Shayari of Gulzar that is related to your Life. Emotions of pain, love, heartbreak and sadness are well crafted in his words that help you connect with your innermost feelings. Here’s a list of 30 excruciating beautiful quotes by none other than Gulzar himself for you to get lost in them. 


  • When you are in love, new and deep one…gulzar zulf mein phasi baaliyan quote
  • When she leaves you alone, Gulzar has his words to comfort you…Gulzar's tere jaane se quote
  • When your dreams shatter…gulzar's dil mein kuch jalta hai quote
  • When loneliness hits you! Gulzar knows it better…gulzar's quote aaina dekh kar
  • Human nature! We always tend to count the thing we don’t have.gulzar's quote milta toh bahut kuch hai
  • You surely have heard these lines, in a song maybe…gulzar's quote aisi uljhi nazar unse hatt ti nahi
  • The wounded heart can feel it…gulzar's quote taqleef khud hi kam ho gayi
  • When you love your partner more than your life…gulzar's shart lagi hai mar jaane ki quote
  • Age can’t define desires…gulzar's quote umar kehti hai
  • Maybe that’s why it’s better to let it out… Gulzar knew it…gulzar's quote bahut andar tak jalaa deti hai
  • The night when you miss her. Gulzar quotes it perfectly in these simple but effective lines…aaj ki raat gulzar's quote
  • Follow yourself sometimes… not others…gulzar's manzilein se gumrah quote
  • True indeed…If you own a heart, it will surely ache… Just wait for your time…gulzar's quote dil hain to phir dard hoga
  • Gulzar’s way of saying it….gulzar's main uske roop ka shehdaai quote
  • Some losses are unforgettable…aansu jo rukne lage hain gulzar's quote
  • Only Gulzar can express feelings so well…mein har raat quote by gulzar
  • Men and Time…Never stay at a place…waqt rehta nahi kahin tik kar quote by gulzar
  • When life is unfair, but it’s not the first time…lagta hai zindagi kucch khafa Hai
  • Words and imagination can express it all, Gulzar was a pro in this…Bahut mushkil se karta hoon gulzar's quote
  • Happens to all, happiness is rare…naraaz humse khusiyaan hi hoti hai quote by gulzar
  • If you know this, you will lead a better life…gulzar's quote kaagazon ki kashtiyon
  • That one thought…That keeps you awake all night…gulzar's quote ek hi khwaab
  • Live your life before it ends, take it from Gulzar…zindagi choti nahi hoti hai gulzar's quote
  • Sometimes it’s not the body you need to touch, but the soul you need to feel…gulzar's saying aisa toh kabhi hua nahi
  • Some stains stay forever…rooh ke bandhan khulte nahi gulzar's quote
  • When you miss someone badly…gulzar's quote tere khayal mein
  • It’s love…when you have feelings like this…aap ke baad yeh mehsoos hua quote by gulzar
  • Everyone deserves a lover like this…kabhi toh chauk ke dekhe by gulzar
  • Life’s unpredictable…You never know what might happen…socha na tha zindagi aise by gulzar
  • People often hide behind a smile… The real pain goes unnoticed…Kaun kehta hai hum jhooth nahi bolte by gulzar


With numerous ghazals and Shayaries which Gulzar offered to the Indian cinema, he is highly regarded in Bollywood and has even achieved many awards. His meaningful lyrics pierce through the heart and stays in there forever. If you have any old wounds to be mended, then these Gulzar quotes might help your pain to fade away. We owe you Gulzarji. We really do!