Italy PM Giorgia Meloni ‘s mobile cover sparks debate online during selfie with Modi

Italy PM Giorgia Meloni 's mobile cover sparks debate online during selfie with Modi

Following her widely discussed selfie with Prime Minister Narendra Modi at the COP28 Summit in Dubai, Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni ‘s mobile phone cover became a focal point on social media. The cover, adorned with “affirmations for anxiety,” garnered attention for its messages aimed at assisting individuals dealing with anxiety. The moment of her capturing a selfie with PM Modi, along with the viral cover, was caught by a photographer at the summit. Showcasing the bold print of “Affirmations for Anxiety” on the phone accessory.

Featuring statements aimed at boosting confidence and alleviating stress for individuals with anxiety. The cover also served as a reminder of the significance of mental health.

An affirmation on the cover expressed, “Tomorrow is a new day.” While another conveyed the message, “My anxiety doesn’t define me.” A statement emphasised, “It’s okay to say no for my mental health.” And another reassured, “I give myself permission to take a break.”

Story behind anxiety buster cover of Giorgia Meloni

The mobile phone cover, which gained widespread attention on social media, was clarified by the Italian PM’s spokesperson. Stating that it was a gift from her 7-year-old daughter Ginerva. Concurrently, Meloni, the leader of Italy’s populist party Fratelli d’Italia, posted a selfie with PM Modi at the COP28 Summit using the hashtag #Melodi.

Giorgia Meloni

Giorgia Meloni India tour

In September of this year, Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni visited India for the G20 Summit. During the summit, she met Prime Minister Modi, covering topics such as trade, commerce, defense, emerging technologies, and more.

PM Modi expressed optimism about India and Italy continuing to collaborate for global prosperity. Earlier in March, Meloni had also visited India for the 8th Raisina Dialogue 2023. Where she participated as the chief guest. During her two-day visit, she held bilateral talks with PM Modi at the Hyderabad House in the capital.

Following the meeting, Meloni praised PM Modi as the most beloved leader globally. She congratulated him, stating, “This is really proven that he has been a major leader and congratulations for that.”

Earlier Meloni captured a selfie with the Indian prime minister. Sharing it on her Instagram account with the caption, “Good friends at COP28 #Melodi.”

Prime Minister Modi attends COP 28

During the COP28 Summit in Dubai, Prime Minister Narendra Modi not only launched the ‘Green Credit Initiative’ with an emphasis on involving people to create carbon sinks but also put forward the idea of hosting the COP33 in India in 2028. In his address, he emphasised the need to shift away from a destructive mindset focused on personal benefit, stating that carbon credits, driven by a commercial mindset, have limited scope and lack associated responsibility.

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