List Of 9 Beaches In Pennsylvania That You Must Visit For The Heavenly Feeling

beaches in pennsylvania

It is hard to think about beaches if you are thinking about Pennsylvania. However, there are some of the best and well-known beaches in Pennsylvania throughout the state that you must visit for the heavenly feeling. These mesmerizing beaches are surrounded by beautiful forests and are full of water sports, fishing, and other fun activities. So, if you want to lay back a little and take a dip in the beauty of nature, then the beaches in Pennsylvania are the perfect place for you.

To make it easier for you, from “Black Moshannon State Park” to “Mt. Gretna Lake & Beach”, we have gathered a list of the top 9 beaches in Pennsylvania that you must visit.

1) Black Moshannon State Park

Black Moshannon State Park is one of Pennsylvania beaches
Photo Credit: Commonwealth of Pennsylvania

Black Moshannon State Park is one of the most beautiful Pennsylvania beaches that is home to Black Moshannon Lake. It is located near the largest bog in Pennsylvania and is named for the tea-colored water. This beach offers to swim in the 250-acre lake where you can relax and have fun. Besides swimming, you can also enjoy plenty of outdoor water activities with your friends and family. If you want to explore the lake from the water, Kayaks and pontoon boats are also available to rent.

Location: Philipsburg
Things to do nearby: Pittsburg, Scranton

2) Conneaut Lake

Conneaut Lake is one of the beaches in Pennsylvania
Photo Credit: Pinterest

If you are looking for a beach where you can spend time with the entire family, then Conneaut Lake is the best for you. Spend some time relaxing on the beach, and after enjoying some fun activities, take a stroll down the boardwalk. On the one hand, there’s also a Kiddie Cove for younger children, and on the other hand, there are a waterpark and amusement park for older kids. However, the most important thing about the place is that there is a campground within walking distance where you can stay and relax for a few days.

Location: Meadville
Things to do nearby: Groove city, Pittsburg

3) Presque Isle State Park

Presque Isle State Park is one of the beaches in US
Photo Credit: Wikipedia

Presque Isle State Park is one of the best Pennsylvania beaches that has 11 gorgeous beaches and is located right on Lake Erie. People from all around the country love the sandy seashore that is open throughout the year for sunbathing, relaxing, and walking. Among 11 beaches, some of them also offer swimming, surfing, and scuba diving. Besides that, you can also enjoy fishing, hiking, and biking at this place.

Location: State Park
Things to do nearby: New York, Cleveland, Ohio

4) Mt. Gretna Lake & Beach

Mt. Gretna Lake & Beach is one of the US beaches
Photo Credit: Trip Advisor

Mt. Gretna Lake & Beach is one of the most popular beaches in Pennsylvania that is a family-run swim and recreation facility. This beach gives you access to the 8-acre beach, lawn, and picnic grove. You can spend the day relaxing on the sandy beach, renting kayaks or innertubes to float around on the water, or just swimming in the lake. There are lifeguards on duty, and kids dock for your safety. Besides the fun activities, you can also enjoy delicious local food here.

Location: Timber Hills
Things to do nearby: Hershey, Lancaster, Philadelphia

5) Mauch Chunk Lake Park

Mauch Chunk Lake Park
Photo Credit: Trip Advisor

Mauch Chunk Lake Park provides guests with many outdoor activities such as hiking, biking, boating, picnicking, and fishing. It is yet another one of the best beaches in the US where swimming is allowed when lifeguards are on duty. From Memorial Day weekend to Labor Day, the beach and swim area is open at Mauch Chunk Lake Park. The beach area also has amenities such as a concession stand, a playground for kids, and a beach pavilion.

Location: Summit Hill
Things to do nearby: Scranton, Philadelphia

6) Gouldsboro State Park

Gouldsboro State Park
Photo Credit: Trip Advisor

Gouldsboro State Park is one of the largest beaches in Pennsylvania that spreads over 2800 acres of land. It is located in northeastern Pennsylvania and includes Gouldsboro Lake as well. Gouldsboro State Park has a sand beach with rustic restroom facilities. It is open from Memorial Day weekend to mid-September. Besides that, the lake is quite popular for boating and fishing as well.

Location: State Park
Things to do nearby: Scranton, New York

7) Beltzville State Park

Beltzville State Park
Photo Credit: The Morning Call

Beltzville State Park is yet another one of the well-known beaches in the US that are situated in the southern foothills of the Poconos. The 525-foot sandy beach is a popular spot for anglers, boaters, and vacationers. Beltzville State Park is open from late May to mid-September. You can just take a dip in the waters, then have lunch, and relax. If you want to head out on the water, paddleboats, kayaks, and pontoon boats are available for rent.

Location: State Park
Things to do nearby: Scranton, Philadelphia

8) Laurel Hill State Park

Laurel Hill State Park
Photo Credit: Trip Advisor

Laurel Hill State Park is one of the US beaches that is surrounded by state parks and forest lands. The highlight of the park is its 1200-foot sandy beach that should not be missed. You can just relax on the sand with a book, go for a swim, or meditate as well. Besides that, you’ll want to take advantage of the fantastic stream if you love fishing. Interestingly, they offer overnight camping as well.

Location: State Park
Things to do nearby: Pittsburg

9) Bald Eagle State Park

Bald Eagle State Park
Photo Credit: Find Your Chesapeake

Bald Eagle State Park is one of the renowned US beaches that offers plenty of opportunities to enjoy the water. At the reservoir, you’ll find a 1,200-foot long sand, and surf beach. From Memorial Day to Labor Day, the beach can be accessed throughout the day. There are also boats available for rent at the marina. Besides that, it also offers hiking and cross-country skiing.

Location: State Park
Things to do nearby: Milesburg, Lock Haven, Penn’s Cave & Wildlife Park