31 FRIENDS Reunion MEMEs Killing The Internet

31 friends reunion memes collection from twitter

It’s been days since the FRIENDS reunion special aired and fans are still not able to keep their calm and grab a box of tissues while re-watching it. There were starry cameos as Lisa Kudrow, Jennifer Aniston, Courteney Cox, David Schwimmer, Matt LeBlanc, and Matthew Perry reunited to reminisce and do fun revelations. After 17 years, the full cast reunited for a 1 hour 40 minutes special that is filled with throwbacks and had the whole world in tears.

David Schwimmer and Jennifer revealed that back in the first few seasons they had a huge crush on each other, Lady Gaga sang the iconic song “Smelly Cat” with Lisa Kudrow, and they recreated a number of the show’s most iconic moments. The cast got pretty emotional while sharing throwback moments with the audience. However, the fans’ reactions were on another level entirely. Since everyone is talking about the episode on social media, the memes about it are flooding over the internet.

Here are the best reactions to Friends: The Reunion. Let’s check them out:

1. Fans Can Relate

Friends Reunion Memes
Photo Credit: The Sun

2. Jen & David!

3. Did you know?

4. Matt LeBlanc’s Evening Plans

5. The Uncle

6. I’m Fine!

7. Missing Him A Lot!

8. Smelly Cat Spotted

9. Rachel Green’s Dress

10. The Routine

11. Are you ok?

12. The Grandparents Are Here

13. The Artist Is Here With His Art

14. Ant Man Entry

15. Me Throughout The Episode

16. Joey & His Clothes

17. Do They Look Alike Now?

18. Was It Only Me?

19. The Cameraman

20. Liked James In Reunion?

21. Perfect!

22. Where Is It?

23. Do You Like It?

24. Me Too!

25. True It Is!

26. Do You Believe?

27. Paul Rudd

28. Love Phoebe

29. The Ant-Man Came In

30. Now We Know Why Paul Didn’t Come

31. Still Like This?

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