30 Memes on Love & Betrayal in Hindi to Share

Hindi memes on love and betrayal

Funny Hindi memes on love, lifestyle have grown so quickly in India that it now has the strength to alternate people’s perceptions. This skill has the capacity to quickly have an effect on people. It is a brand new visible device for India’s virtual era. Everyone who makes use of the net is aware of and enjoys scrolling via memes on numerous social media systems which include Instagram, Twitter, and others.

Memes are intended for everyone, including those who are not intended to be meme material. It takes a lot of creativity and a humorous mind to shape things that everyone finds fun and meaningful. Millions of people were reached by the media, and a new digital revolution is known as “memes” emerged. Memes come in a variety of forms; they can be dark, deep, reactionary, political statements, memes on love, it can be humorous, and much more. They are responsible for bringing up a humorous trail on your screen every day. Are these memes funny?

Check out these 30 memes on Love & Betrayal in Hindi:

1. Desi Breakup

“Break-up is a foreign word. Indians just say Katt Gaya”
These hilarious memes in Hindi portray how if there is a break up between two individuals in India the common term used here is “Katt Gaya”.

Memes in Hindi - desi break up meme
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2. After Breakup Glow-up

It’s common for many of us to change the way we look or feel after a break-up or a heartbreak. It’s mainly intended to make one’s ex jealous. Are these kinds of memes funny? Yes, it is. This meme shows how the memer is suggesting a girl put up a story with a nose pin to make her ex feel insecure. This is the funny Hindi memes on love.

Funny hindi meme on love and betrayal
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3. The Desperate One

In the 21st century, it’s kind of peer pressure to be in a relationship. Many youngsters get too desperate to be in a relationship and sometimes they beg the opposite gender for a casual relationship just to look cool. This funny meme Hindi on love describes desperate youngsters.

Funny Hindi Meme
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4. Crush and Life Dilemma

This meme describes how the younger generation becomes engrossed in making crushes and daydreaming about them from time to time. The memer suggests saving the memes rather than collecting their crushes’ posts; if they follow the memer’s advice, they’ll be on the right track in life.

Funny memes on crush and life delimma
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5. Just Friends

It’s always a desperate imagination by teenage boys who want to be in a relationship with their crushes. The memer describes the funny memes on love. If the crush doesn’t wish you on friendship day, it may be she also has feelings for you and doesn’t wanna be friend-zoned.

Funny hindi memes on friendship
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6. The Pain of Rejection

In today’s society, men are labeled as husband material and boyfriend material according to their personality, look, and behavior. But here the meme describes the one person who gets rejected by girls with the statement “Tu acha ladka hai Tujhe merese acchi ladki Milegi”.

funny hindi memes on pain of rejection
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7. The Awkard Era of the 90s

One must have often seen their parent’s wedding photos. It is easily noticeable during that time that expressions of love in photos have always been awkward. This funny memes on love describes the same.

Funny hindi meme about 90's couple wedding videos
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8. The Awkard Moment

Those who are or have been in a relationship can relate better to this meme. When you’re about to kiss, you make awkward eye contact with each other. It’s often hilarious to watch your partner’s face from an awkward viewing angle.

funny meme
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9. Texting Ex

It’s very common to text one’s ex after a breakup because of underlying feelings for them that didn’t go away with the pain they caused. The memer demonstrates how his friend is still texting her despite the fact that she has blocked him from her life.

funny meme of texting ex
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10. Chai Lovers

This meme is dedicated to chai boozers. The memer describes how being in a relationship can be too complicated for some of us, so do yourself a favor and love your chai instead of someone.

chai lovers funny hindi meme
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11. A Short Conversation

It’s a popular meme in India. The meme Hindi is based on an exchange between a man and his crush. When the guy asks if their friendship can progress into something more, the girl savagely replies that they can both be like brother and sister.

Meme about relationship
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12. Dating Life Dilemma

The above depressing meme is generally for people who aren’t very social and rarely get dates. The meme depicts how the only dates these people receive are updates.

memes funny about dating
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13. Taste of Betrayal

This meme shows how a person has a great bio on social media where he describes himself as a foodie, but the memer points out how in reality the only thing that person is getting to taste is betrayal.

funny meme on betrayal
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14. The Illusions of Filters

Nowadays, it’s very common for a person to use various filters to modify one‘s natural appearance; these filters are so well engineered that it’s difficult for people to notice the differences in the photos. The meme is for people who meet online and fall in love after looking at these types of photos, only to be disappointed when these people meet in person.

funny filter meme
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15. A Simple Doubt

Many people fantasize about falling in love and having a love marriage one day. However, if this is not the case, it is common in India to have an arranged marriage. The memer asks here, “What if those people who have arranged marriage as their last hope don’t even get that?”

meme about marriage
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16. In a Relationship With?

This meme is for those who are single at the moment but really don’t mind because they enjoy being single and in connection with music, food, sleep, memes, and themselves.
This meme’s sole purpose is to state that not being in a relationship is okay.

relationship meme
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17. Fake Promises

It’s common among teenagers to make such ridiculous commitments in order to gain the trust of the opposite sex and make them enter into a relationship. The meme depicts how someone who doesn’t even brush their teeth in the morning is making promises that are out of their reach.

funny fake promises meme
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18. It’s Just 3 Days

This hilarious meme depicts how some people become overly comfortable at the start of a relationship and attempt to intrude on their partner’s privacy. The memes describe how these people make relationships seem casual within three days of starting one.

funny meme about modern relationship
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19. Introverts On a Date

Introverts frequently find it difficult to speak in public, or they try not to speak at all. The memer describes what happens on the first date between two introverts. The scene is from the TV show Loki, and both characters are trying to figure out what they are doing.

memes about introverts
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20. Sab Moh Maya Hai

It’s a well-known phrase in India. The meme is about how love and relationships are merely representations or illusions that should be avoided in order to advance in society. This meme is used to mock people in relationships.

moh maya hai meme
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21. Relationship Status

It is common in our society for people to inquire about a person’s relationship status if they find them interesting. To depict relationship status after a toxic breakup, the memer uses the phrase “Zindagi barbad ho Gaya” from the popular Indian tv show The Kapil Sharma Show.

life meme about relationship status
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22. Lesson Learnt

This meme is a still from a Dream 11 commercial in which former Indian cricketer Ms. Dhoni asks to play with your mind. The memer claims that the only thing we learned from our ex was how to cheat by using all of one’s brainpower.

meme about intelligence in relationship
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23. Lol Neighbour

This meme perfectly describes those neighbors who are always trying to criticize you for something. The meme depicts how the boy’s neighbor criticizes him by telling him who would marry him, but the boy smiles because the same neighbor’s daughter is in a relationship with him, thus creating a hilarious situation.

neighbour meme
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24. Atma Nirbhar Anjali

The meme is from the film Ddlj, and it depicts Anjali, a girl, extending her hand to Rahul, who is standing near the entrance of an already running train. The meme shows how Rahul doesn’t care about Anjali and tells her to be atma nirbhar and get on the train on her own.

aatma nirbhar meme
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25. Rejection

This meme exemplifies how girls who try on thousands of clothes before deciding on one can choose a guy all at once. The memer provides advice to those who have been rejected by a girl. The memer suggests remaining patient and trying again because it takes time for a girl to like something or someone.

sarcastic meme about rejection
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26. What Did I Do

A common question in a relationship is when the girl is upset about something that upsets her but the guy has no idea what he did. The memer phrases are similar to how, behind every upset girl, there is a hand of a boy who has no idea what he did.

sarcasm meme
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27. Mele Babu Ne Thana Khaya

This is a well-known expression in India. The phrase refers to a childish conversation between two lovers about whether or not the other has eaten. The memer describes how he would open a restaurant based on the phrase for singles.

meme about cute relationships
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28. Andi Mandi Sandi

The phrase andi mandi sandi is the subject of this classic. It shows a couple having a hilarious conversation about the same subject.

andi mandi sandi meme
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29. Awkard Conversation

This meme depicts an awkward exchange between a boy and his crush. The meme depicts a hilarious interaction between the two.

awkward moments meme
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30.The Forgotten Love

This meme is based on a scene from the popular television show TMKOC, and it aims to demonstrate how when a girl interacts with someone more interesting, some boys believe it means the end of their relationship with the girl.

forgotten love meme
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