Movie Animal review in Hyderabadi style by a female anchors goes viral, Netizens can’t keep calm.

Movie Animal review in Hyderabadi style by a female anchors goes viral, Netizens can't keep calm.

A recent Hyderabadi-style movie Animal review delivered by a female anchor has taken the internet by storm, stirring excitement among netizens. The infectious energy and unique flair in the review have sparked a viral sensation, creating a buzz in the online community. Dive into the article to explore the entertaining Hyderabadi twist on the movie review that has captivated audiences and set social media abuzz with enthusiastic reactions.

Movie Animal review in Hyderbadi style by a female acnhor goes viral, Netizens can't keep calm.

Most honest Animal review

A viral reel features a female anchor reviewing Ranbir Kapoor’s latest film ‘Animal’ in Hyderabadi style, captivating social media users. The video’s popularity stems from its use of the local language, coupled with a humorous and relatable approach to the movie critique. The anchor presenting the review is none other than Zee Aly. She is a social media influencer not an anchor. Curious to witness the entertaining review? Watch it here-

In her Hyderabadi style, the presenter delivered a candid review of the Bollywood film, covering various aspects expected by the audience in the content piece. The one-minute reel commenced with the woman stating, “In this era where even a 30-second reel struggles to capture attention, Sandeep Reddy Vanga is testing people’s patience with a three-and-a-half-hour movie.”

Discussing Animal, she made a point to reference another film concurrently released in theaters. Shedding light on Vicky Kaushal’s Sam Bahadur, a biopic that hit the screens on December 1 alongside Animal, she observed that the war drama film seemed to be overshadowed by the attention garnered by Animal.

Addressing the concerns raised by the audience regarding the potential negative impact of the film “Animal,” especially its intense scenes and dialogues on children, the female anchor defended the movie. She expressed her opinion, emphasizing that individuals with already disturbed minds could be influenced negatively by seemingly harmless things. In her response, she urged against unnecessary criticism of the movie, suggesting that blaming the film without reason is unwarranted.

Subsequently, she spoke on various aspects of the film, discussing its memorable scenes and dialogues. Towards the conclusion, she delivered a surprising comment that grabbed everyone’s interest. What was her statement? She falsely claimed that Sanjay Dutt made a cameo appearance in the final scene of Ranbir Kapoor’s movie, despite the fact that this assertion is inaccurate.

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