30 Deadly Photo Poses For Men To Try On Instagram


While posing for Instagram, men often get confused. They want to try some interesting and amazing poses but end up posing the same. If you’re looking to enhance your Instagram game with killer photo poses for men, while also adding a touch of luxury to your living space, consider showcasing your best shots on Canvas Prints from Wall Print. So, do you want to know what you need to do with your body, hands, or face when someone is clicking pictures of you? For your Instagram posts, do you want some unique poses? Well, then we are here to rescue you.

Check out the list of some deadly photo poses for men that they must try while posing for pictures to create a buzz on Instagram.

1. Cross Leg Pose

Cross leg photo poses men for Instagram
Photo Credit: Fashion Hombre

When it comes to photo poses for men, the cross leg pose is one of the favorite and simple poses. It helps in creating more interesting angles and elongating your legs. It’s a superb way to help angle your body inwardly if you’re taking photos with a group of friends.

2. Face Up/Down Pose

Face up is one of the best photo poses for men
Photo Credit: Fashion Hombre

While we go through the Instagram photos, the face-up or face-down pose is one of the popular photo poses for men. You can try every version of it without giving any second thought such as looking straight into the camera, sitting down, etc.

3. The Upright Squad

Sitting down pose on road is one of the best photo poses with friends
Photo Credit: Fashion Hombre

This is undoubtedly one of the classy photo poses men for their Instagram. It looks cool when you sit down by popping your one leg out on an elevated surface. All you need to do is simply lean over your bent knee and let the world know how amazing you look.

4. Running Pose

Running pose is an stunning pose for men for Instagram
Photo Credit: Fashion Hombre

Have you ever thought that a running pose can look so stunning? Well, if you don’t know, this is one of the simplest photo poses men. It highlights your long legs and perfect body posture. So, running along colorful places will be your go-to pose for your next photo shoot.

5. Morning Pose

Morning pose with a drink while enjoying the view is best Instagram pose
Photo Credit: Fashion Hombre

Breakfast snacks with a heavy dose of juices are popular on Instagram. So, for your next photo, try to combine your favorite cup of coffee or a glass of juice with the window seat style. This will surely create a buzz on Instagram.

6. Walking Pose

Walking pose is the best photo poses male
Photo Credit: Fashion Hombre

Does it sound too easy for a pose? Well, it is. For a perfect walking pose, you only need to walk straight on a clear path. To add an edge to the photo, you can try to have a dark background that will act as the main role here.

7. Wall Hump Pose

wall hump pose is an Instagram pose
Photo Credit: Fashion Hombre

Wall hump pose will help you to break your monotonous pose. It is also one of the best photo poses with friends to try on. Leaning on a wall will always remain on top for taking a picture instead of posing with balloons or soft toys.

8. Hands In Pockets Pose

Hands in pockets pose is a classic model photo poses for male
Photo Credit: Fashion Hombre

While posing for a photo, men often get confused that what to do with their hands. When the best friend takes a picture, they often feel awkward. But, if you are wearing an outfit that has pockets, then the best thing to do is put your hands in your pockets. If you don’t know, this is one of the popular model photo poses.

9. The Shoe Pop Pose

For a sassy male photo pose shoe pop outside pose
Photo Credit: Fashion Hombre

Nothing can be better than showing off those shoes in style while taking a picture for Instagram. To click this cool picture, pop your shows in an outward direction while bending down on your knees. If you want to make it look stylish, try a lower angle while taking the picture.

10. Mirror Selfie

mirror selfie is an evergreen photo poses for men
Photo Credit: Fashion Hombre

Nowadays, we all are crazy about selfies. We spend hours clicking a perfect selfie. Well, you do not need to worry anymore. Master the mirror selfie pose and you are all set for your next Instagram post. Whether you are looking straight into the mirror or just focusing on the camera, you will get a hell of a picture.

11. Downward Glance Pose

glance downward for the perfect Instagram pose
Photo Credit: Fashion Hombre

The downward glance pose will never let you down. It is undoubtedly one of the best model photo poses. This pose works best for everyone and is always a winner. In case the other snaps don’t suit, just snap one quick ‘look down’ picture.

12. Back Head Pose

back head pose for male
Photo Credit: Fashion Hombre

The classic ‘looking away’ picture will take your collection of Instagram photos to the next level. Sometimes the perfect way to change things up is to do something classic and nothing can be better than this. When you want to keep your look simple, it is one of the best photo poses male.

13. Leaning Pose

Leaning pose for Instagram photos for male
Photo Credit: Click Love Grow

This is another one of the classic poses for males that help them relax in terms of body language. When people have something to do with their bodies, they feel much more comfortable. However, while leaning on a wall, try to tilt your head slightly towards the camera. It will make you appear more attractive.

14. Seated Pose

Sitting on stairs is one of the best photo poses for men
Photo Credit: Click Love Grow

When you are clicking photos with your friends, the seated pose is one of the photo poses with friends. It gives you something natural to do with your body. You just need to place your elbows on your thighs and put your weight on them. Since you will naturally be leaning forward, it will add swag to your picture.

15. Cross Arms Pose

Arms cross pose for men is the best pose for Instagram
Photo Credit: Click Love Grow

We all have seen photos of men that involve crossed arms. In this instance, shooting in the side on and leaning angle works much better. To click this pose, shoot down the wall by using a very wide aperture so that you can blur the image out. It will ensure that the wall doesn’t form any distractions.

16. Kneel And Feel

Kneeling down on road is the best Instagram pose
Photo Credit: Click Love Grow

Kneeling is a great pose for clicking a picture than usual other photo poses male. To click this picture, rest on one of your feet for balance, lean your weight slightly to one side, and keep your elbows on your knees. This will give a more natural and relaxed look.

17. Rock The Stairs

Climbing down the stairs is a classic Instagram pose for men
Photo Credit: Click Love Grow

Stairs give a sense of movement to any pictures of men. Try capturing them by posing on the stairs while moving up or downwards or sitting on it. To give an extra edge to your photos, try the golden hour shooting. It will give a warm and dreamy feel to your photos.

18. Vibe With The Location

Vibing with location is the best photo poses for friends
Photo Credit: Click Love Grow

While traveling with your friends, vibing with the location is one of the best photo poses for friends. You can look around, look at the ground, tilt your chin down, and much more to give the perfect pose. Also, it is one of the best photo poses for friends. Just think about the angles and perspective and you are good to go.

19. Try Candid Pose

Candid photo for men with natural beauty
Photo Credit: Click Love Grow

The candid pose is yet another one of the famous photo poses for friends. However, it would be incomplete without some handy prompts such as some facial expression or something to play with to make it look stunning. Also, before you even start taking photos, try to make a connection first.

20. Flaunt Your Jaw

Flaunt your jaw while posing for Instagram photo
Photo Credit: playground_dy

Did you know that you can achieve a snap with a perfect jawline by just taking care of the angle from which you are clicking pictures? Tilting your head up when taking a selfie accentuates your jawline. Besides that, it also gives you a more masculine look.

21. Enjoy The Drink

Candid drinking is always best Instagram pose for male
Photo Credit: kim_msl

When it comes to pictures, using a drink as a prop is one of the best things. While posing, having a prop is useful if you don’t know what to do with your hands. Also, keep in mind that posing with a drink works very well for side profile shots. Just put on a soft smile, hold your drink at chest level, and gaze at something in the distance for a natural shot.

22. Be Candid With Turtleneck

be candid with turtleneck for next Instagram pose
Photo Credit: playground_dy

Instead of using the old poses, you can just cover your turtleneck to your mouth, and here is your candid picture for Instagram. If you do not want to cover your mouth, then you can wear it up till your neck only. It will make you appear mysterious and charming in your photos. However, make sure that the turtleneck is not tight.

23. Pose With Furry Friends

pose with animals for next photoshoot
Photo Credit: The Smart Local

You surely need to have a few shots with animals on your Instagram feed if you want to make your way into girls’ hearts. Taking photos with animals makes you appear friendlier and approachable. For your next photos, you can head to pet cafes to snap some adorable shots if you do not own a pet of your own.

24. Holding Phone Pose

Photo poses of men are best while holding phone
Photo Credit: choi_hun2

When you’ve run out of posing ideas, candid poses are always a reliable go-to solution. However, in this particular pose, you can use your phone as a prop. The trick is to look aloof or suddenly caught staring at the phone. Undoubtedly, it will transform your casual cafe visits into mini photoshoots.

25. Evergreen Peace Pose

Evergreen Peace Pose for men
Photo Credit: yoon_hh

Even though it is one of the most common poses among males, it also looks stunning. Meanwhile, this time, you can also try to do the flipped peace sign pose. Usually in this pose, the peace sign is positioned at one’s chin for selfies. That is why it creates the illusion of a sharper chin and gives your picture a cheeky vibe.

26. Bicycle Pose

Bicycle pose is one of the best photo poses for men
Photo Credit: charmant_u

Cycling is a popular activity among people and posing with a bicycle showcases your sporty side. This pose also allows you to show off your casual everyday outfits. However, make sure to extend one foot nearer to the camera if you are posing with a bicycle while sitting and put the other on the pedal. And, keep both hands occupied by holding onto the handles.

27. Keep It Simple

keeping it simple is always best for Instagram pose
Photo Credit: Fashion Beans

Keeping it simple is the best thing you can do while posing for a picture. Whether you are simply standing and looking away or you are sitting on a rock or stairs, it looks amazing when there is no effort put in the photo. It makes your photo look natural, effortless, and genuine. Undoubtedly, it is one of the best poses for Instagram.

28. Sexy Side Pose

Sixy side pose for men for sexy looks
Photo Credit: Fashion Beans

We all know that side clicks are always best. Some people even have their perfect side and they only click photos with that side. And, men are no different in this case. For your next photo shoot, try to click some snaps with the side angle. Trust me, it will look make your photo look classy.

29. Lean On The Chair

lean on the chair pose for men
Photo Credit: Fashion Beans

Whether you lean on a wall or on a chair, you will get some of the best pictures for your Instagram. Just simply sit on the chair, lean backward in a relaxed posture, and let the picture do the magic. This pose will give you a relaxed, effortless, and stunning photo for your Instagram feed.

30. Messy Pose

messy pose is an easy and simple Instagram pose for men
Photo Credit: Fashion Beans

A messy look is always the best look for your Instagram. With just a ruffled hairstyle, stare intensely into the camera and you will have one of the best photos for your Instagram. However, if you want to give an extra edge to the photo, try to click it on a dark background.

Always remember that whenever you post something on Instagram, you share a very special piece of your life with everyone. So, without giving any second thought, try these some of the best poses for your Instagram photos album. Undoubtedly, your feed will look like a fire after using these poses.