Quotes & Wishes To Share On Rath Yatra During The Pandemic

list of rath yatra quotes to share
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Lord Jagannath along with Balabhadra and Goddess Subhadra will begin their chariot ride on 23rd June 2020 to reach Gundicha Temple. This auspicious event is marked as the Rath Yatra and is one the most pompously celebrated festival in Odisha.

Unfortunately, this year the Rath Yatra won’t be celebrated to it’s fullest grandeur because of the spread of Covid-19. The Supreme Court almost restricted the event completely, but soon after they made changes to their decision. Click Here to know the Supreme Court’s Decision on Rath Yatra and why they nearly halted it.

Though devoid of devotees on the road to pull the chariot, the spirit of the festival isn’t dull yet. We will definitely remember the Lord and share our heartiest wishes to everyone and also extend our prayers to our beloved Jagannath. 

We have a collection of quotes and wishes to share with your family and friends on this rare and unique Rath Yatra 2020. These quotes are crafted, keeping in mind the current scenario we are going through. Hopefully, you find them relatable and share them with everyone.

Quotes To Wish Rath Yatra And Spread Positivity


rath yatra 2020 wishes
we may not come to pull your chariot, but we are always your servant, my Lord.


jai jagannath quote for 2020 to share wishes
wish a happy and happening rath yatra to your friends and family. Jai Jagannath


rath yatra wishes for india to share
May Lord Jagannath help India grow and prosper quote.


jai jagannath quotes to share on rath yatra 2020
We will be waiting to meet you the next year, Lord Jagannath


rath yatra wishes to share on whatsapp
We are nothing with Lord Jagannath’s blessings and grace.


rath yatra wishes in quotes to share on instagram
May Lord Jagannath bless you and shower you with the virtue of truth.


happy rath yatra wishes to share on whatsapp and instagram
Lord Jagannath comes out of his house to meet us and allow us a moment of service.


happy rath yatra quote to wish family and friends
blessings of Lord Jagannath shall remain with you forever.


quotes for rath yatra during pandemic
Man proposes, God Disposes. But, we believe Lord Jagannath.


rath yatra without devotees quotes
Quotes to mark the mood of Rath Yatra in the year 2020


happy rath yatra quote in images
Serve Lord Jagannath to find new heights and happiness in life.


rath yatra quotes and wishes to share
Let Lord Jagannath’s bravery guide you to your goal.


rath yatra wishes in english quotes
May Lord Jagannath’s chariot wheel runs over all evil.


jai jagannath quote for rath yatra during pandemic
Lord Jagannath had other plans on rath yatra 2020


jai jagannath quotes and wishes to share
We will redeem ourselves in your eyes to meet you, Lord Jagannath


jai jagannath quotes to share on rath yatra
Have a great rath yatra this year, wishes for everyone.


rath yatra in pandemic quotes to share
The pandemic has stopped Lord Jagannath to meet us. Quotes for the occasion.


Wish you all A Happy Rath Yatra! Spread Love and Positivity This Rath Yatra.