Bet On These Top 3 Online Betting Sports in India!


Today, sports betting in India is among the most popular pastime activities. Thousands of people in India watch sports events and place wagers on their favorite teams. As a result, punters in India have many chances to make great payouts from popular sports.

Therefore, Many online betting and gaming platforms are available, and it’s up to punters to choose the best one. Every platform has a set of rules and a list of games to offer. Contests range from local to international, allowing punters to taste the best versions of popular sports in India.

Here are the best three sports to bet on in India.

Top Sports In India

1. Cricket

Firstly, Is online cricket sports betting in India legal?

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India has rules against betting on games of luck. However, Cricket betting does not fall under that category. Still, punters must ensure their state acknowledges sports wagering to avoid getting into trouble with the authorities.
Cricket betting sites in India attract many punters for one-day international and Indian Premier League (IPL) matches. Therefore, choosing the best platform is crucial, making it easier to place wagers, enjoy games, and win money online.

Cricket Betting Features

Cricket punters utilize the following features:

    • Cash Out
    • Combo Boost

These features aid players to avoid losses and make bigger profits. Players who use these options are more likely to win in online cricket.
With these strategies in mind, punters also have to keep an eye on lucrative markets, including pre-match options. Punters should place wagers on:

Top Team Batsman

Punters who place wagers by predicting a team’s top run scorer get high odds. If you have good analytical skills to choose the top batsman, higher and better odds are at your disposal.

Top Team Bowler

In this case, punters bet on the bowler to take the highest number of wickets in a team.
In-play betting allows betting on these markets:

Next Man Out

While watching the cricket match live, bet on the next player for dismissal. This prediction is possible by evaluating the players’ performance.

2. Hockey

Hockey is also a well-loved sport in India. It is highly competitive, especially in National Hockey League matches. Like the actual game, online hockey is fast-paced and fun. Punters can have different betting choices.

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Hockey is among the top sports to bet on, because of the thrill and excitement that punters derive from the game.

The most common betting types available with online hockey include these:

Money Line Bets

This is the most popular bet in India. It is simple and needs punters to evaluate the following:

    • Player’s level of Fatigue
    • Player’s Fitness

Over or Under Bets

When betting against the house, punters should use this bet. The bookmaker posts totals for every match. Therefore, punters decide whether the actual final score will go over or under the set amount. Hockey is a sport that does not allow ties. As a result, punters will always get something out of this bet.

Point Spread

Punters are lucky to have the point spread because hockey is low-scoring. Higher point spreads are excellent as they make it possible for punters to get greater payouts.

3. Tennis

Tennis is a simple sport. Moreover, there are many matches played all over the world. Unlike other games, tennis needs punters to place a wager on the winning team. That simplifies the betting process since there are excellent odds at top online platforms.

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The best way to go with tennis betting involves:

    • Choosing the best online platform
    • Studying the form of players
    • Checking the players’ motivation
    • Considering the styles of play

So, The various types of betting markets for tennis include match, handicap, over and under, correct score, and outright betting.
All these games are lucrative and fun for punters to engage in. However, selecting the best platform makes betting on these three sports more enjoyable. So, what does it take to get your hands on the best site?

Choosing the Right Betting Site:

The right sports betting site in India must have these key features, making it attractive to punters.

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Some of these features include:

  • Easy and Fast Deposits and Withdrawals

Payment methods such as Paytm, Gpay, PhonePe and UPI are favorable for Indian gamers. However, many other payment platforms are available. Before registering on any site, ensure the available payment methods are easy and safe.

  • Live Streaming

Nothing beats the fun of watching a match and placing wagers simultaneously. So, When you can watch live streams on the site, it’s a very good option and experience.

  • High Betting Odds

High odds help increase bettor’s returns on wagers placed. The platforms with the best prices are more rewarding to punters.

  • Bonuses and Promotions

Indian sports betting sites offer punters rewards, bonuses, and promotions. These make it easier to win bets and enhance the gaming experience. Such bonuses include:

    • Free bets
    • Daily promotions
    • Weekly bonuses

To Conclude

In conclusion, these three sports are the most popular, easy, and attractive sports for players in India. However, other options are also available for punters. Every sportsbook has different options and market to help punters start the journey to real money gaming.