Types Of Coffee: 7 Types Of Coffee You Didn’t Know About

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You’ve likely heard of some of the different types of coffee out there, but how about all of them? If you’re looking to try something new when it comes to your daily cup of coffee, you may want to consider these seven types that don’t get as much attention as their counterparts but can still bring amazing flavor and quality to your coffee experience. Today, we’re going to go over seven different coffee types you might not know about, and the unique flavor profiles that come with each one. So grab a cup and read on!

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List Of Top 7 Coffee Types:

1) Robusta – Types Of Coffee

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Robusta Coffee - Types of Coffee
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First, on the list of coffee types is Robusta coffee. Robust coffee beans are oval-shaped and have a deep green color. They grow in tropical climates at lower altitudes than Arabica beans. Robusta plants are also more resistant to disease and pests, which is why they make up about 30% of the world’s coffee production. The coffee made from Robusta beans is usually cheaper and has more caffeine than Arabica coffee. It’s often used in instant coffees and espresso blends because it has a stronger flavor and less bitterness.

2) Excelsa – Coffee Types

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Excelsa Coffee - Types Of Coffee
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Excelsa coffee is a type of coffee that is grown in Colombia. The coffee beans are roasted and then ground into a fine powder. This powder is then mixed with hot water to create a delicious cup of coffee. Excelsa is one of those types of coffee that has a rich, bold flavor that is perfect for those who enjoy a strong cup of coffee.

3) Geisha – Types Of Coffee

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Types Of Coffee - Geisha Coffee
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One of the most famous and sought-after coffee beans in the world is the Geisha. Hailing from Ethiopia, this coffee is known for its intense floral aroma and delicate flavor profile. Coffee aficionados often describe tasting notes of jasmine, honeysuckle, and citrus. While the Geisha coffee bean is notoriously difficult to grow, the resulting cup of coffee is truly unique and worth seeking out.

4) Blue Mountain – Coffee Types

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Blue Mountain Coffee - Types of coffee - mews
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Blue Mountain coffee is grown in the Blue Mountains of Jamaica. Coffee beans are known for their rich flavor and aroma. These types of coffee are typically sold as whole beans, so you’ll need a coffee grinder to prepare it at home. Blue Mountain coffee is best brewed using a French press or drip method.

5) Kopi Luwak – Types Of Coffee

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Kopi Luwak Coffee - Types of coffee - Mews
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Kopi Luwak is one of the most unique and controversial types of coffee in the world. It’s made from coffee beans that have been eaten by the civet cat, an animal native to Southeast Asia. The civet cat eats the coffee berries and excretes the beans, which are then collected and roasted.

6) Sulawesi Toraja Reserve – Coffee Types

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Sulawesi Toraja Coffee - Coffee Types
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Sulawesi Toraja Reserve is a coffee grown in the highlands of Sulawesi, an Indonesian island. Coffee is known for its distinctive flavor and strong aroma. The coffee is grown at an altitude of 1,000 to 1,600 meters above sea level. The coffee beans are hand-picked and sun-dried. Sulawesi Toraja Reserve is a Fair Trade Certified coffee.

7) Arabica Coffee – Types Of Coffee

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Coffee images are almost always of Arabica coffee. This is because Arabica coffee beans are used in about 70% of all coffees consumed around the world. The coffee is grown in tropical regions and has a milder taste than other types of coffee. Arabica coffee is also less acidic, making it easier on the stomach for those who are sensitive to acidity.

These were some of the most interesting types of coffee you didn’t know about. The next time you are at your favorite coffee shop, be sure to try one of these!