9 Types Of Pasta You Didn’t Know Existed Before

Types Of Pasta
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You may be familiar with spaghetti, linguine, and angel hair pasta, but have you ever tried the type of pasta called bucatini? Or maybe you’ve heard of or even had pappardelle before—but not all of these different types of pasta are as well-known as they should be. Today we’re going to explore 9 types of pasta that you likely never knew existed but now must try!

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Types Of Pasta:

1) Macaroni

Types of Pasta
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Macaroni is a staple in most Italian households. It’s also used as a go-to ingredient in mac and cheese, lasagna, and other pasta dishes. The word macaroni was derived from the Italian word maccheroni, which means lumps of flour or pieces of dough. These days, however, you won’t find many lumps or pieces of dough when ordering macaroni noodles at your favorite Italian restaurant.

2) Gnocchi – Types Of Pasta

Types of Pasta
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Gnocchi, also spelled nocchi, is a variety of dumplings made from ground flour dough that is boiled and served in soups or with other sauces. Gnocchi is Italian-styled dumplings that originated in northern Italy. Generally composed of durum wheat semolina, eggs, and water the dough may be more coarse than some other forms of pasta such as spaghetti.

3) Orzo

Types Of Pasta - Orzo Pasta
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Orzo is a type of pasta shaped like rice, which comes in various sizes. It’s often used as a side dish or added to soups, making it great for all occasions. Some people also eat it cold in salads.

4) Fusilli – Types Of Pasta

Types Of Pasta
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The one and only downside to fusilli is its close resemblance to rotini. Rotini is the last pasta on this list, so if you’re not sure whether you have fusilli or rotini, now you know. Fusilli comes in a variety of colors and is cylindrical like penne, but with many different twisty ridges around the outside that give it its name fusilli which means spindle in Italian.

5) Strozzapreti

Types Of Pasta
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Strozzapreti is a type of pasta made from an egg, flour, salt, and water dough. The dough is turned and pulled until it becomes thin like a noodle. The pasta sheet can then be dried and cut into strips to be served with sauce or sprinkled with cheese. It is believed that strozzapreti translates to priest choker because the pieces are so long they would choke a priest during the Last Supper.

6) Perciatelli – Types Of Pasta

Types Of Pasta
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Perciatelli pasta is a type of flat ribbon-shaped pasta. A cross between the rigatoni and the spaghetti. Perciatelli’s unique shape works well with sauces of all sorts and dishes. Made by rolling sheets of dough out into long. Thin strips before folding them into rings, perciatelli has a smoother texture than either the rigatoni or spaghetti. It does not have grooves from being extruded through a tube.

7) Cavatappi

cavatappi-mews-types of pasta
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Cavatappi is a large, twisted-shaped pasta that resembles twists of spaghetti. It is mostly used in soup or as a substitute for penne pasta. The name cavatappi derives from the Italian word meaning corkscrew, which is indicative of its shape.

8) Farfalle – Types Of Pasta

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Farfalle is a type of bow-tie-shaped pasta that comes from the Italian word butterfly. It’s the perfect choice for a delicious dish like Fettuccine Alfredo, Fettuccine Carbonara, or even shrimp scampi! One neat thing about farfalle is that it can also be used as a vessel to hold things – think creamy sauces or delicious chunky tomato sauce with some crispy bacon bits mixed in.

9) Elbow Macaroni

Types Of Pasta
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Elbow macaroni is one of the most popular types of pasta because it cooks quickly and can be used in both sweet and savory dishes. This type of pasta gets its name from the shape of the noodle which looks similar to an elbow, with a smooth rounded surface on each end.

There are many different types of pasta, and chances are there is one you haven’t tried yet. As much as your favorite macaroni and cheese make it seem like there’s only one type of noodle on the shelf, pasta can be found in a multitude of shapes and sizes with lots of fun shapes for kids to explore too. What are some other kinds of pasta out there that you didn’t know about? Let us know in the comments!