When True Caller CEO asked Narayana Murthy ‘What He Does’

When True Caller CEO asked Narayana Murthy 'What He Does'

As a child, True caller CEO Alan Mamedi dreamed of working for Infosys. Recently, he recounted his childhood aspiration and described his intriguing encounter with Infosys CEO.

True-caller CEO Alan Mamedi recounted an episode from his initial encounter with Infosys founder Narayana Murthy. In his most recent post, Mamedi commended Murthy for his modest demeanour and disclosed that as a child, he aspired to secure a job at Infosys.

Infosys founder Narayana Murthy is renowned for his visionary leadership, innovative ideas, and philosophical outlook. His humble demeanour has earned admiration from many, with Alan Mamedi being the latest to join the ranks of his admirers.

Alan Mamedi found Infosys CEO incredibly humble

In a recent social media post, the co-founder of a caller ID and spam-blocking app shared an encounter from eight years ago when he first met Narayana Murthy.

These two industry titans initiated their conversation without any prior acquaintance. After an hour of dialogue as strangers, Alan Mamedi inquired about Narayana Murthy’s professional endeavours.

In response, the 76-year-old Infosys founder stated, “My wife always advised me that, given the good fortune in my life, I must give back, and that’s precisely what I’m doing today—giving back.”

Impressed by NR Narayana Murthy’s thoughts, Alan referred to him as an “incredibly humble person.” Upon realising he was conversing with Narayana Murthy, Alan Mamedi revealed his childhood aspiration to Murthy, expressing his desire to work for Infosys.

He recounted how his introduction to the company occurred when a skilled Infosys technician visited his home to repair his computer.

 “First time I met Narayana was almost 8 yrs ago. I did not know who he was and he didn’t know what I did. After an inspiring hour of discussing everything about life, I asked him what he do and he said “My wife always told me that because I had luck in life, I must give back, and that’s what I’m doing today. Giving back”.

An incredibly humble person! When he later told me about Infosys, I told him that my dream as a kid was to work for his company after our computer broke at home and a guy from Infosys came to our house to fix it. It’s funny how life plays out sometimes,” shared Alan Mamedi on X.

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