16 Heavenly Places In North East India. Have You Been To Any Of These Yet?

heavenly places in north east india to visit
posted by Kalai Sukanta on wikimedia

The North-Eastern part of India is a paradise which many are yet to discover. The whole of seven sisters nestled in an area smaller than most other Indian states has a vast myriad of heavenly places to charm anyone and everyone. What is best about this region of the country is that it will give you an insight into nature’s wondrous miracles. Sure all the metropolitan cities are worth marvelling. Still, there is something rather special about the creation of life that even the most marvellous structures shaped by human intellect succumb to it.

If you ever make the brilliant decision to journey your way to paradise, here are twenty of the best places that should, by all means, make it to your list.


Let us begin with the heart of The Seven Sisters. Assam is your gateway to the rest of the hidden paradise. Be it flight or train; you will almost always find yourself in the capital city of Assam before you venture on a journey to explore the seven sisters. So, you might as well make the smart decision to explore what Assam has to offer.


Nestled in the tiny district of Jorhat, located at a distance of 312 km from the capital city of Assam, it is home to the very rare One-horned rhinos. So unique that KAZIRANGA is the only place where you will ever find one-horned rhino, nowhere else on this earth will you find another one-horned rhino. Kaziranga is also home to many other exotic animals and migratory birds.


Situated in the heart of the seven sisters’ centre is a majestic river island that goes by the name ‘Majuli’, a place that looks just as charming as its name sounds. But of late, this magnificent piece of land has drastically shrunk from its original expanse due to constant erosion for years.

An impressive number of tribal communities inhabit Majuli. The main attractions that lure a wandering soul into Majuli are its breathtaking and scenic views of wooden boats afloat its water in picturesque perfection, the vast stretch of green paddy fields and the rustic countryside. The ancient Assamese Vaishnavite philosophy has its roots in Majuli, rendering it a rich historic quality as well.


The land often equated as the abode of clouds, Meghalaya blooms with refreshing greenery and roars with the melodious gushing of waterfalls. The capital city of Meghalaya is better known as ‘The Scotland of the East.’ One truly gets to dwell in the spitting image of Scotland while in Shillong. Only three hours away from Guwahati, the capital city of Assam, Shillong also serves as the gateway to many hidden wonders of nature.


Dawki is so clean that you can see your soul staring back at you from the bottom of the river. It is 80 km from the capital city; you will find yourself charmed even before you reach your destination.

You may need either camp on the shore or take a boat ride along the length of the river. You will find yourself immediately at ease while floating on what feels like the sky, with calming breeze soothing you to the depths of your soul.


The place that has rightfully earned the title of being the cleanest village in Asia will do more than just charm the travel enthusiast in you. You shall not find even a twig or a single petal of dry leaf scattered in this tiny village.


Another tourist spot that attracts a vast footfall of tourists is the living root bridge. Located around the vicinity of Mawlyngnong Village, exists a root bridge which is the perfect amalgamation of careful engineering and the wondrous miracles that nature can perform.

Thanks to the creative and innovative members of the Khasi tribe, who brilliantly trained the roots of enormous trees to intertwine with such accuracy that they now serve as a bridge that allows people to move from one end to another across rushing streams of water.


The ‘Land of the Rising Sun’ brings to light the best of nature. From snow-capped mountains to beautiful stretches of monasteries, Arunachal Pradesh is sure to quench your thirst of wanderlust.

Tawang – 6

Towering at the height of 3500 metres above the sea level, Tawang has both historical and natural aspects. You can take a flight to Tezpur and then traverse for six hours through the winding and the breathtaking road to Tawang. The view en route to Tawang will give you a taste of journeying through the Himalayas itself.

You can either immerse yourself in experiencing the rich heritage of the monasteries or simply just let your breath be taken away by the scores of mystical glacial lakes that add to the charm of Tawang.


This orchid sanctuary spreads over 100 square kilometres of the Himalayan foothills in Bhalukpong forest division of West Kameng district in Arunachal. You can trek your way through the meandering curves of the Himalayan foothills while delighting yourself to an optimistic scenario of dancing orchids.

Bomdila Monastery – 8

Established in 1965, Bomdila Monastery is the breathing entity of the spiritual essence of Buddhism. A keen observer and a frequent wanderer will right away recognise the striking resemblance between this majestic structure and the Tsona Gontse Monastery of South Tibet.

Bomdila is also widely known for its luscious apple orchard, spread across a vast area of the land. This place leaves both your eyes and your stomach starving for more.


If you have had enough chills reading about the snow-capped mountains and can’t help but feel a pang of biting cold take over your senses, then there is a little relief for you.
One can head to Dirang to indulge in a soul-cleansing experience of bathing in the bubbling hot springs there. This place is also home to yet another stretch of apple and kiwi orchards.


If you have a stronghold over General Knowledge, then Manipur might ring a bell in your head. Famous for more things than one, this place proudly has its classical dance form ‘Ras-Leela’ in the list of the graceful traditional dances of India such as Kathakali, Bharatnatyam, just to mention a few. The land is only as fertile as its heritage. Here are a few places that deserve a place in your travel list:

Loktak Lake – 10

You get a slice of this majestic lake from hundreds of metres above the sky as you inch closer to the land of Imphal, the capital city of Manipur.

The lake is scenic, breathtaking and entirely out of this world. What makes it even more special is the floating beds of little islands known as ‘Phumdis’, a feature that is exclusive to Loktak Lake, nowhere else will you find such wondrous a creation. These Phumdis are strong enough to support a whole house with a functional family dwelling and thriving inside of it.

Andro – 11

A small village located in the city of Imphal, Andro gives insight into the craftsmanship of the state. You will get a museum-like experience of the art of pottery. If you’d like to take home some souvenir, you can get your hands on some of the fine craftsmanship that curates a variety of traditional pots such as Walom, Pudong Makhong, Yukhum, etc.

Khongjom – 12

A place that will help you realise the contribution of your north Eastern brothers and sisters in the fight for freedom. One of the main tourist attractions in Manipur, Khongjom pays tribute to revered Major General Paona Brajabashi, who fought against the British on the soil of Khongjom in the historic Anglo-Manipur War.


Sikkim is another place that resounds the echos of the tall and majestic mountains.

Gangtok -13

Sikkim is a delight for your eyes, as well as for your taste palate. Find the most scenic views one can ask of in a city and the best momos a food lover could ever ask. Gangtok is also home to beautiful monasteries such as the Rumtek and Enchey monasteries.

Yuksom – 14

Also known as the ‘Meeting place of the three Lamas’, this village is the epitome of pristine and untouched beauty, nestled in its lap is the oldest monastery in the state.

Nathula Pass – 15

Once an essential part of the historical ‘Silk Road’, Nathula is a must-visit for adventure seekers out there. Located at the height of 4,310 metres above sea level, Nathula is breathtaking, and we mean it literally too.


Once known as the ‘Lushai Hills’, Mizoram is as lush as the word lush could get.

VK Paradise -16

This place is popularly known as the modern Taj Mahal of Mizoram. A mourning husband built the pristine white structure in the loving memory of his late wife, and this vast structure made of marble holds her belongings.


People often think of going to Heaven after death. But these places prove that heaven is here, right in our earth! Visit these places and you will have a glimpse of what the Heaven might look like if it truly exists. So pack your bag and explore!