15 Best Countries To Visit Without Visa From India in 2022

15 Best Countries To Visit Without Visa From India in 2022

Every travel enthusiast has some International vacations on their bucket list. But the formalities and rules and regulations of visiting a foreign country are not as fun as your vacation is going to be. When you are excited about the dream country you plan to visit, the lengthy Visa procedures become quite a hassle. There are a lot of countries to visit from India without Visa which you can opt for to get past the strenuous rules. We have listed some visa-free countries you can visit from India.

Here we have listed 15 countries to travel without visa from India get so that you can get ready for a fantastic vacation:

1. Cook Islands (maximum of 31 days)

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A group of 15 islands is scattered over a vast area in South Pacific, Cook Islands are the best if you want to try scuba diving and snorkeling. The Cook Islands is visa-free for Indians for a maximum of 31 days, about a month though they have political links to New Zealand.

Highlights of the Cook Islands:

  • Visit the Aitutaki Lagoon for a beach experience
  • The famous One Foot Island
  • Experience the best local food experiences in The Muri Night

2. Macau (maximum of 30 days)

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Want to get into some casino games? Then you can plan your vacation in the Las Vegas of Asia. You can go casino hopping in this former Portuguese colony. Macau is one of the countries to visit without visa.

Highlights of Macau:

  • Witness the Macau buildings, a mix of Portuguese and Chinese architechture
  • Casino hopping
  • Taipa Village
  • Try the famous Portuguese egg tart

3. Mauritius (maximum of 90 days)

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Who doesn’t dream to visit beautiful Mauritius? It is among the visa free countries where you can explore the blue lagoons, reefs, and beaches.

Highlights of Mauritius:

  • Chamarel to witness the various colors of the uneven volcanic surface
  • Visit the sugar museum and sugarcane fields, L’Aventure Du Sucre
  • Taste of the street food

4. Fiji (maximum of four months)

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One of the best countries to visit without visa is the islands of Fiji in the South Pacific. Fiji islands are close to New Zealand and Australia. If you haven’t added Fiji to your bucket list, now is the time to do so. Plan your visit to this visa-free beach paradise.’

Highlights of Fiji islands:

  • Kula Eco Park
  • Snorkeling
  • Jet Ski in Denarau Island

5. Jamaica (maximum of 30 days)

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One of the countries to visit from India without visa is Jamaica. The beautiful Caribbean island nation is a must add to the foreign places to visit bucket list.

Highlights of Jamaica:

  • The lush green rainforests
  • Reef-lined beaches
  • Dunn’s River Falls in Ocho Rios
  • Blue Mountains National Park for a hike and taste the world-famous coffee

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6. Maldives (maximum of 90 days)

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Made up of 1000 coral islands, Maldives is a tropical paradise in the Indian Ocean. This visa free country to visit from India is a favourite honeymoon destination. You can also witness the beauty of the Maldives with your family or solo. The Maldives is known for blue lagoons, beaches, coral reefs, and thrilling water sports.

Highlights of Maldives:

  • Magnificent beaches
  • Canoeing
  • Scuba diving
  • Rollerblading
  • Snorkeling
  • Jet-skiing

7. Cambodia (maximum of 30 days)

Cambodia landmark wallpaper - Angkor Wat with reflection in water
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Cambodia can be added to the list of cheap foreign trips from India without visa. It is a country that is a must-visit for a traveler.

Highlights of Cambodia:

  • Historic sites
  • Blessed beauty
  • Massive ancient temples
  • Beautiful cities

8. Nepal (Freedom of Movement for Indians)

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Nepal is one of the places to visit without passport from India. The highest mountain in the world, Mt Everest is located in Nepal.

Highlights of Nepal:

  • High on adventure
  • Rich in history
  • Experience the culture

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9. Ecuador (maximum of 90 days)

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If you want to explore the dense forests of the Amazon, you should visit this country that lies between Colombia and Peru on the Equator in north-western South America.

Things to do in Ecuador:

  • Visit the famous Andean Highlands
  • Explore the wildlife in the Galápagos Islands
  • Visit the middle of the world or the equator

10. Bhutan (Only Valid Indian Passport Required)

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If you are wondering which country does not require visa from India? Well, Bhutan is the answer. Known to be the world’s happiest country, Bhutan is situated at the edge of the Himalayas.

Things to do in Bhutan:

  • Visit the serene monasteries
  • The dzongs (forts)
  • Visit the Paro Dzong
  • Get a taste of authentic Bhutanese cuisine
  • The Taktsang Monastery
  • The capital city of Thimphu

11. Samoa (maximum of 60 days)

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Samoa, an island nation in Polynesia, is blessed with rainforests, reef-bordered beaches, gorges, and waterfalls. Samoa is a paradise on earth and one of the countries to visit without visa.

Things to do in Samoa:

  • Explore the rainforests
  • Visit the gorgeous waterfalls
  • Soak in the beauty of nature

12. Hong Kong (maximum of 14 days)

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To visit Hong Kong as an Indian Citizen, you need to have a valid passport and fill out a form available online. The place is full of life and is a must-visit for a traveler as there is lot to explore in Hong Kong.

Things to do in Hong Kong:

  • Explore the pubs, lively markets, restaurants
  • Disney land in Hong Kong
  • Temple market and Ladies’ market for shopping

13. Trinidad and Tobago (maximum of 90 days)

Trinidad and Tobago
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Plan a perfect Caribbean vacation as Trinidad and Tobago is a beauty!

Things to do in Trinidad and Tobago:

  • Vacation with beaches
  • Pristine mangrove forests
  • Rainforests and hills

14. Laos (maximum of 30 days)

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Laos is a gem of South East Asia, blessed with wonderful locations for a perfect vacation.

Things to do in Laos:

  • Explore the charming scenery
  • The vast history
  • The culture of Laos

15. Saint Kitts and Nevis (maximum of 90 days)

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Once again this breathtakingly beautiful Caribbean country, Saint Kitts and Nevis are one of the visa-free countries for Indians.

Things to do in Saint Kitts and Nevis:

  • Explore the beaches in this two-island nation
  • The lofty mountains
  • And many more

So, now you know 15 countries to travel without visa from India, don’t waste more time, go plan your trip, grab your tickets, and get going!

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