20 Best Travel Apps In India To Make Your Trips Hassle Free

20 Best Travel Apps In India To Make Your Trips Hassle Free

India is one of the most beautiful countries in the world. If you are an avid traveler and you often plan your trips solo or with your friends and family to travel to different places you should definitely know about these Indian Travel Apps. What makes India is its unique topography that includes deserts, hill stations, waterfalls, beaches, and beautiful valleys. India is a huge country with a diverse culture and heritage and numerous places to visit. So, we are here to help you plan your trips for a smooth journey.

In today’s digital world, the first thing you need to have is a smartphone with moderate to good internet connectivity or enough space to download a few mobile apps. We are going to share the 20 best travel apps in India so that you can have a hassle-free journey.

The travelling apps in India include,

  • Ticket booking
  • Hotel booking
  • Checking the hotel reviews and ratings
  • Getting the best prices for hotels and tickets
  • Checking the weather of a place

Here are the 20 Best Apps for travel in India for Android and iOS that you should know for planning your trip:

Best Travel Apps in India

1. Airbnb

airbnb is one of the best travel apps in the world
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With Airbnb (Air Bed and Breakfast) you can get a home-like atmosphere anywhere in the world wherever you are. You can book an entire house for a long period of time to live, for a family vacation, for work, and relax.

Uses of Airbnb:

  • In this app, you can search for a house, hotel, or villa by price, property type, location, amenities, and more
  • You can even book the entire house for a month or more
  • Through this app, you can connect with hosts, and message them for directions, assistance, and helpful tips

Download: Android | iOS

2. Skyscanner

skyscanner review traveling apps india
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Make the planning of your next trip smooth and easy with this app. You can compare and get the best (cheapest) flight tickets with this app.

Uses of Skyscanner:

  • Search for flights at the cheapest prices
  • Get the best hotels and car hire deals on the move
  • No booking fees or hidden charges
  • You will be redirected to the site with the best offers after comparing

Download: Android | iOS

3. MakeMyTrip

makemytrip travel app in india
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The all-in-one place app, MakeMy Trip is the best travel app in India.

Uses of MakeMy Trip:

  • You can book train, flight, bus tickets, and even cabs
  • You can also search and book hotels at the best price
  • The best thing about this app is you will get huge discounts if you are a regular customer or book a combo of flights and hotels
  • They also offer coupons that will help you get more discounts
  • You can also go for their package tours
  • You can track your journeys and bookings through the app
  • You can also upload your COVID vaccination certificates on this app

4. Google Maps

google maps travel apps best
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Google Maps is one of the top 10 travel apps in India and also an important one. You already get it preinstalled on an Android phone. The iOS users have to install the app. It is one of the most-used travel mobile apps for traveling.

Uses of Google Maps:

  • You can use this app to show routes of different places around to visit
  • You can use the navigator and follow the directions to reach your destination
  • You can even download the location maps for an offline view which is highly recommended if you run out of data or visit a remote place with limited or no connectivity

5. IRCTC Connect

irctc rail connect app
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If you are aware of the IRCTC website, you must have heard of IRCTC Connect. It is the official IRCTC app for booking rail tickets online.

Uses of IRCTC Connect:

  • You can use this app to book online train tickets to anywhere in India
  • You cancel your booked tickets
  • You can prebook your meals for the journey
  • Check the PNR status
  • You can even change the boarding point if you want

6. Incredible India Calendar

Incredible India Calendar
Photo Credit: mysterioustrip

Uses of Incredible India Calendar:

  • You will find information about festivals and events happening in the country
  • Create a personal calendar of events and stay updated
  • Set your personalized reminders for individual events
  • Get an idea about the popular sightseeing places, hotels, and restaurants in the country
  • Track your current location to guide you with accurate information about the landmarks

7. TripIt

best travel app in india tripit
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If you are a traveler who lacks in planning a trip, this is one of the best travel guide apps for you. Download TripIt and let it make things easy for you.

Uses of TripIt:

  • You need to sign up and log in and add the details of your travel (like the duration, budget, and time of the visit)
  • The app will plan and create a suitable itinerary that will suit you best
  •  The details of your flight, car, hotel, and other reservations can be synced with the calendar on your cell phone

8. PackPoint 

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Not so good at packing while getting ready for a trip? Don’t worry! PackPoint is one of the must have apps for travel in India that helps you to pack efficiently.

Uses of PackPoint:

  • It is a free travel packing list organizer
  • Whether it’s a leisure or business trip, the app helps in keeping a tab of the essential items that you would need for your trip
  • It also recommends what to pack according to the destination and its atmospheric conditions
  • What makes it more interesting is that you can link it with the travel planner apps like ‘TripIt’ to automatically create a packing list

9. Google Translate

google translate travel apps india
Photo Credit: fortune

Citizens of India speak different languages in different parts of the country, this is where Google Translate comes in handy. It eases your hustle of not being able to interact with the locals.

Uses of Google Translate:

  • The app can translate notes and conversations (into 43 languages), images (into 50 languages), and handwriting (into 95 languages)
  • It is really helpful when you are having trouble asking for directions or enquire about any certain place

10. TravelSpend

Photo Credit: travel-spend

One of the best apps for traveling in India is TravelSpend which is an application to track your travel expenses. So, if you are a budget traveler with a restricted budget, this app will help you stick to your budget.

Uses of TravelSpend:

  • Track your expenses
  • You can also use TravelSpend to split bills
  • Convert currencies

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11. EaseMyTrip

Photo Credit: travelobiz

EaseMyTrip is also a trip planning app to plan your holidays. The USP of this app is that it doesn’t charge a convenience fee on flight booking.

Uses of EaseMyTrip:

  • Provides holiday packages
  • Use it for flight booking, train tickets booking, bus ticket booking, and Hotel Booking

12. Uber 

Photo Credit: cnet

The cab services of Uber are available across all major Indian cities. It is not serviceable in small towns or a few tourist places like Goa.

Uses of Uber:

  • You can book a mini car, sedan, motorbike, or even an auto-rickshaw ride
  • Travelers can also opt for shared rides
  • Uber also offers outstation trips

13. OLA

Photo Credit: tosshub

The cab services of Ola are available across all major Indian cities. It is not serviceable in small towns or a few tourist places like Goa.

Uses of Ola:

  • Similar to Uber you can book a mini car, sedan, and motorbike
  • Travelers can also opt for shared rides
  • Ola also offers outstation trips

14. TripAdvisor


TripAdvisor advises you to plan your best trips.

Uses of TripAdvisor:

  • Helps in searching for destinations, hotels, flights, and restaurants.
  • You can get the best user reviews in one place
  • The users’ reviews will help you decide whether you should select the places to visit or not

15. OYO Rooms

oyo rooms app
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This app helps in searching for low-cost rooms in most Indian cities. OYO rooms are convenient, easily available, and mostly cheap.

Uses of OYO Rooms:

  • Book any hotel listed on OYO
  • They offer all the amenities that include WiFi, AC, TV, and a geyser
  • This app operates across 10 countries and 500 cities
  • Even small towns have OYOs which makes it a must-have app while traveling in India

16. AccuWeather

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For a traveler, weather information is really important. Bad weather is enough to ruin your whole plan. So, having a good weather app on your mobile can be your savior.

Uses of AccuWeather:

  • You can check weather information and know the projection using this app
  • The forecasts are accurate most of the time
  • It will help you in making your plans in advance

17. ClearTrip

Photo Credit: ndtv

ClearTrip is one of the best travel guide apps for travelers.

  • From this mobile app, you can book train, flight, and bus tickets
  • You can also book a hotel
  • You can also plan your weekend getaways through this app

18. Google Trips

google trips
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Google Trips makes it easier for a traveler to explore the world by organizing all the essential info in one place. The information is also retained offline.

Uses of Google Trips:

  • Get activity suggestions based on what’s nearby
  • Customizable day plans
  • Check your travel reservations from Gmail
  • It also shows the nearest attractions list
  • You can also get the info about the things to do if you are at a destination or plan to visit the place.

19. Railyatri

Railyatri apps for travelling in india
Photo Credit: googleusercontent

An Official IRCTC partner train booking app where you can get PNR and book IRCTC special train tickets.

Uses of Railyatri:

  • You can get Live Train Status for where is my train location
  • PNR status & Seat Availability with confirmation prediction
  • View Updated Train Time Table for Special Trains
  • Order hygienic Food on Train
  • You can book bus tickets online for UPSRTC and also make bookings for private Volvo buses
  • This app has multiple languages like English, Marathi, Hindi, Malayalam, Telugu, Kannada, Gujrati, Bengali, & Tamil

20. Aarogya Setu

Aarogya Setu app
Photo Credit: livemint

The app was launched by the Government of India for the purpose of preventing the spread of infections during the ongoing pandemic. The COVID vaccination certificates are mandatory in a few tourist places.

Uses of Aarogya Setu:

  • You can contact trace to help identify containment zones across India using this app
  • You can avoid the areas which are infection-prone
  • You can download your vaccination certificates and keep a track of your COVID vaccination

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